The L-11 gun isn't that bad?

Sure the penetration isn’t great, but the damage is amazing. I have one shotted everything i’ve penetrated using this gun.

It’s the amazing power of APHE. Even when the pen is bad, it’s still enough to kill a target when you hit where you need to, or simply the side of a tank.

With every vehicles, appart from heavies, having 30-40mm side armor, even 80mm is good enough to get lots of kills.

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Never seen it be called bad. If you really need F32/34 penetration use AP rounds, they dont have filler but have hugher pen that MD-8 rounds on T-34s, damage is fine so if you need to brind down something heavy its more than useful.

I wish BT-7A (F32 oe L-11 version) were a TT, theres lack of light tanks from 2,7-5.3 and then to 7.3, PT-76B isnt even that good.


Can’t penetrate Sherman

Stopped using what?
Soviet 76mm gun?
Did your comment bug or something or you were intending to post this in other thread?
Please explain what you meant by this.
How 76mm WW2 shell is deemed good against russian MBTs at all if since 45 they had 80+mm of side armour, something 76mm hardly could even penetrate with its APHE.

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