The Ki48-II-Otsu lacks some issues

Thanks for the information. I think we can assume that the ratio of explosive mass may be greater in Ki-148’s warhead than an ordinary bomb, due to the tail structure and probably thicker casing on a bomb. The Navy shaped charge is a great comparison.

I feel that the explosive mass of Ki-148’s warhead is probably >50%, but it’s possible that there may not be a source in existence.

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Concerning the observation glass of Ki-147,

The Mitsubishi document of course tells us that a separate tracking glass is equipped to command the Ki-147 missile. However, pilot testimony of controlling Ki-147 says that to observe the missile “we used only the naked eye” and the exhaust flame was not visible, “only the smoke”. Moreover, they say that despite this “it was possible to lose sight of it but not very frequently”.

Refer to Japanese Aircraft Relative Performance, Serial No. 436, Report No. 2-T in my old suggestion: Mitsubishi Ki-147 & Kawasaki Ki-148, "I-Gō"「イ号」- Japanese Guided Missiles! - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum

First, I think that the bright orange paint of Ki-147 and Ki-148 described in sources given by @tester188 was probably for visual assistance, not just an experimental camouflage. So I would like to see the Ki-148 in orange camouflage in the game.

Both Ki-147 and Ki-148 must have used the Type 94 Surveillance Scope to range the target warship and determine the launch time.

However, I think that the testimonial evidence suggests that the operator did not originally have a dedicated tracking scope to guide the missile. We know that Ki-147 was less accurate than Ki-148 because of its characteristics:

  • radar altimeter with limiter did not work on Ki-147
  • control deteriorated at the end of flight because of pneumatic power system that depleted when pumping fuel on Ki-147

On the other hand, Ki-148 had a hit rate of 70-80% on large targets. Because of Ki-147’s inferior accuracy in testing, I would theorize that they decided to equip a tracking glass later. There is more space for additional equipment in the nose of Ki-67 than Ki-48II, so I am not sure that Ki-147 + Ki-67 having a tracking scope added means that Ki-148 + Ki-48II also had one. We need visual evidence of course.

Now here is something a little interesting. Mitsubishi’s report states that only the initial 10 prototypes of Ki-147 were built. However, this high-res image of Ki-147 seems to show the serial number ‘11’ on the side:

Here’s a prototype missile showing the serial number ‘2’:


Some sources state that a limited production of a few missiles continued after the initial 10 prototypes, and I think this is true. If so, this photo must have been taken in the later period of testing. If a tracking glass was added, it might be present in this plane, but sadly the nose is not in the photograph.

There is another close angle, but the inside of the nose is indistinguishable for me:



This is not the guidance system for Ki-148, this is a Type 99 Bombsight (九九式爆撃照準器), a reflector type bombsight for level bombing that replaced the older Type 88. In this photo, it is installed in the nose just above the position where the Te-4 MG would be. I am skeptical that this image is related to Ki-148 mothership unless the source explicitly states that.

The guidance device for Ki-148 is described as being similar to an aircraft control stick.


It seems the moderators have stopped responding to the reports regarding this. Does anyone know if this plane will get its historical loadout of bigger bombs? There is also another issue I reported here. Please support it if you can!


A bug report has already been approved for the 2 x 250 kg bomb or 1 x 500 kg bomb options based on the primary source pilot manual.

For reference, this is a drawing of a Ki-48-II Ko, explaining how it carries a 250 kg bomb.

“Type 99 Twin-engined Light Bomber”, Military Classics, Vol. 81, Spring 2023, p. 98


Yeah, I wouldn’t mind having to disable it first.

I didn’t think it was a radar altimeter though? It doesn’t hold altitude, just attitude/direction. If it just held altitude it would be way way easier to use!

Edit: I just read the comments after this - would love to have the radar altimeter, I find the current implementation of it’s guidance lacking otherwise.

So that means that the moderator was wrong when he said that the Ki-48 missing the bomb sight is correct (?)

For the plane as modeled in-game? Yes. They modeled a bombsight, but it isn’t functional.

For the Ki-148 motherplane in real life? I doubt they used a level-bombing sight in the guidance of Ki-148, that wouldn’t really work. However, I have not seen a clear enough picture to be able to distinguish what is inside the Ki-148 motherplane’s cockpit.

Regardless, I think it’s silly that GJ implemented Ki-148 mothership as a separate plane, it could really be a loadout of a tech-tree Ki-48II, as the differences aren’t much bigger than changing equipment.

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After speaking to a senior suggestion moderator (@leroyonly), I have some news regarding this situation.

The devs seem very adamant (for some reason) that the Ki-48 in game be strictly the missile-carrying plane, and as such, in a future update, the aircraft will receive a slight name change in-game to reflect this. Thus, it will not be eligible for the features of a standard Ki-48.

However, suggestions can be made for the standard variants. Unfortunately, because a Ki-48 is now in game, a single overall suggestion for “standard” Ki-48s would not be allowed. Therefore, suggestions will need to be made on a per variant basis as follows:

  • Ki-48-I (can also be split into Ko and Otsu suggestions)
  • Ki-48-II Ko
  • Ki-48-II Otsu (Standard variant)
  • Ki-48-II Hei

This is not the outcome I would have hoped for, but it seems to be what we’ll have to work with.

Note: This discussion with the moderator occurred a few weeks ago, so I apologize for getting back late.


Can you please fix the title, everytime i scroll past it, it gives me a slight tick. It either lacks features or has some issues. But not lacks some issues. If it would lack the issues it wouldnt have them and all would be allright.
Otherwise, please keep up the work, it really needs that historical bomb sight to follow the rocket, aiming and actually hitting anything is just impossible without it.

Sorry, the title is no longer editable :(

Thanks! All I want now is for gaijin to fix the missing brakes and the wrong self-defense MG. :(

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In this case, it is somewhat strange that they even allow it to be equipped with bombs. Furthermore, as mentioned, it currently has a 3d model of a bombsight, but it is not functional.

It should probably have this 3d model of a sight removed, if we are being realistic. However, this may be a nightmare to bug report. (and it’s not that important, but kind of annoying)

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