The Javelin is basically a free SL piñata

It’s bad, just venting here. I was told it was horrible before, now with the insane powercreep i guess it’s reached the “unplayable” level.

Based on your prior threads, though i have yet to play the Javelin, it seems fine, if a little slow, at its br.

The buffs coming for it next major might be all thats needed for it. But I think it mostly suffers from compression. Cant move down, but needs to

buffs? i thought they rather nerfed Red-tops

Will be able to run 4x ADEN and 4x Firestreak. Currently taking 4x Firestreaks removes 2x ADEN. Might help with its offensive firepower.

Red Tops got both buffed and nerfed. They are worse in a dogfight with less pull, but better for intercepting targets or ambushing them as they have far greater range.

Just need their all-aspect ability to make full use of them in hit and runs.

But Javelin doesnt use Red Tops, only Firestreaks (which may have gotten some tweaks in the dev server. I thought I remember reading about some minor change somewhere in a datamine, but might have been fireflash)