The Jaguar IS is fine, get over it

It’s exactly what the title says. The Jaguar IS is a fine event prize, get over it. Yes, it is disappointing, especially given that there are multiple Indian HF-24 variants, one of which we could have gotten. But it really is not that bad. It’s a Jaguar G.R. Mk. 1B with 1 less gun and an extra center-mounted guided bomb. It absolutely is not that interesting, but it really is just a nothingburger.

It being a nothingburger also means that for all of y’all complaining that the new event cycle is undoable, then this is great! You can just not do this event at all, ignore it, skip it, and take a break.


i know, people bitch about things, no one is forcing them to do the event, they could just not do it


These “events” are great opportunities to add prototype aircraft and other fun vehicles, but gaijin doesn’t know how to do anything but copy paste. I’m sick of this BS. They need to stop making tandem seating planes or copy pastes from different countries as the event aircraft.
Make some actually unique airframes for once gaijin… plenty of options…


jaguar plane is a good price the only thing im wondering about which magics does it get and how many guided bombs can it carry at once etc

Should be 2 magic 2’s so irccm poggers, and aparently 1 extra GBU than normal variants.

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Its just to test the water for Split BRs. It has a high performing Missiles but barely any change for GRB… Just like the Su-25BM was for R-73s

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I’m not saying I like the Jaguar IS as an event prize. I’m just also saying that people need to get over it because it’s fine. It’s not great, it’s not bad, it’s just nothing. It’s fine.

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Do you mean the split BRs between air and ground?


45k per tick grind is annoying though, “but rank VII” doesnt mesh out when rank VIIs were 40k before AND you got a low tier plane with it.

The plane in and of itself is okay, I just kind of wish/hope gaijin doesnt go super basic on it, theres a few variations for tests iirc they could try out with it to make it more unique, especially for ground attack weapons (like make it the first CBU carrier like the german tornado was the first anti ship missile carrier).

And yeah, plenty of more unique Indian planes out there they could have picked over it, but it could still be nice, I have waited for Indian planes for a good while so I will be happy to see it, I just hope gaijin hasnt made it a half effort with maximum grind.



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Community upset about something
Community helper sees it
“Community helper: Get over it”

Why is this so funny to me XD



In all seriousness, I don’t think it’s good and thankfully as a CH I’m allowed to criticize the game. It’s not a good prize, but it’s not awful. it’s just a nothing prize. It is absolutely not worth being as angry as people are.

Man, some of these people would complain if you gave them free GE. “Oh, we’re only getting (x), why not more??” I don’t mind it either. I’ll try to collect it, but if I can’t, it’s fine. It’s not something I’ll drive super hard into the event, but also still something that I might try to play a little more. That’s how I see it lol



Honestly, I like the jag, it’s an imperfect lil plane, only 2 AAMs, only 1 gun, it will probably be overtiered (or not, “skill” of event warriors might keep it low) but 20 days of intensive grind for 20 bucks? Non-unique, non-premium mostly copy-paste vehicle?
Hell I could grind 2/3 of an entire TT in that time and just get the regular variant. Or get it on market but if I’m buying, I could add 10 more bucks and just get a proper premium with all the bonuses.
Snail just can’t help but to bleed us dry, of our money, of our time, of our will to live.

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I just want an air reward for air battles… Tank rewards are for tank battles. Air rewards should be aircraft for Air Battles… and if they can do ground too then great. But they should primarily be Air rewards… not 2nd ground rewards.

Yet another lazy air copy/paste strike aircraft - even worse, one that has ALREADY been an event vehicle.

Tanks get cool prototypes etc., and we get jack…

Here’s a unique prototype that could be used… and there are plenty more prototype/low production etc. (He-111Z among others)


Most people I’ve talked to are pissed from 2 things; nearly every Aviation prize, is either
A: CAS oriented
B: Copy paste

When was the last time it wasn’t… jeez…


Youre really defending gaijin for making another copy paste event vehicle that is almost the exact same as the ones we have in game? Worst part is as with event vehicles it will either get magic 2s at the lowest BR ever and be overpowered as hell, or get them at like 11.3 and be completely useless. Britain doesn’t even have any 10.7-11.0 lineups and before I hear you complain about its use in air, ITS A STRIKE AIRCRAFT, its literally designed to ground pound. I don’t see why Britain needs this when they already have a jaguar for their 10.3 lineup, and a tornado for their 11.3 lineup. This is such a useless and unneeded addition to the game and considering it wont be released at 10.3 (unless gaijin is completely losing it) its just going to be forgotten as its not competitive with the other vehicles at the BR it will be introduced into.


This is why I think its going be collecting data a bit ahead of the split BRs.

I could absolutely see this at 11.0 in ARB and 10.3 in GRB. There is also the possiblity they are planning on adding a load to fill that gap in the near future. Actually add a 10.7/11.0 set of vehicles. But Im semi-doubting that at the moment.