The Jag IS, more like lazy Gaijin

Well we got our new Jaguar - and uh yeah 11.0 is way to high of a BR.

Re used flight and damage model, low effort textures and reused textures. Thrust increase is negligible, loses a gun and goes to 11.0

If only the Russians had a Jaguar because it would easily be 10.0


Gains missiles with IRCCM. And ones that are soon to be R-73 equivalent because of low speed maneuverability changes.

Id rather be flying a Jaguar IS than a SU-25BM

Its there purely because of what the Magic 2 adds in capability.


And the LITENING pod is much better than TIALD. Plus the extra Paveway.

dud ur getting missile that after this patch will be most likely better than r-73’s with one of the best irccms in game aka being literally unflerable below 1km while turning like craaaaaazy

I mean Magic 2 carrying aircraft like the Mirage 2K can be had at 11.3 which is incredibly preferential BRs in comparison to R-73 carriers and Aim-9M carriers and even to some minor extent Aim-9L carriers.

I expect some Magic carriers to move up in the BR changes post patch.

or they wont untill next br changes long time in future

Though isn’t TIALD meant to be Gen 2?

Sure is, but the reports for it and other things using SPRITE are still suspended in the air

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Give F-5C AIM-9Ms and say the same thing that 11.0 is too high for an F-5C with AIM-9Ms.
If the Soviets had a Jag it’d be 11.0 - 11.3. There are no Russians.

F5C is not equal in anyway to the Jag FM


For now maybe depends how long it take for TIALD to be buffed

I played a Ground match with 5 kills before I died

You’re right, the Jag is slightly superior. Faster acceleration, and though pulls less AOA which increases its energy retention.

Significantly slower if you take any bombs and I’d say it has far worse energy retention. No idea about acceleration, but Jag take an age to get up higher

Plus F5C has a broken damage model, meanwhile the Jag still has the issue of a rudder gets clapped and then it spins out of control

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and the Jag actually has an IR signature

the R-73 is literally the best Short range IR missile in the game at the moment.