The J7D (China) needs to be adjusted

at 2023-9-9,i bought the J7D pack.
i played about 50 times, almost always fights with F16 or MIG29.
the PL5B/PL7 can only attack the rear of the aircraft,which is NOT equivalent to the environment
The F4S(USA) pack is only 0.3 larger than J7D,it lacks 6 radar missiles and 4 omnidirectional missiles,which gives it ability to fight with F16 or MIG29,But J7D don;t have the ability.also face the F4S.
i think packs should satisfy coustomers as a commodity,or other aircraft packs should have the equal combat capability.
Every player wants to be able to kill more planes, but your official should be responsible for the balance of data, rather than selling unequal packs.

After my thought, I now understand what you was talking want a **Premium**  late Chinese Jet fighter with SARH missiles.  Maybe in little future Gaijin will add Premium J-8, but you can buying talisman for J-8B that had  a pair of Aspide-1A missiles . Good luck playing with us.
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For various gift packages in the game, they are nothing more than a few tens of dollars. Of course, I can choose to purchase a “strong” gift package. The gift package is not only for opening the line, but also for expedited research and development if you want to quickly experience top-level vehicles. And it also avoids the bad experience brought by “vulnerable” vehicles. But for players, the gaming experience is the most important, as each faction has its own unique characteristics,

My original intention in playing this game was to include the Chinese series, and I bought almost all paid gift packages.

Of course, I have also purchased and experienced gift packs from other factions, such as the Soviet Union, American, and German. If the official is willing to offer a “strong” Chinese gift pack, I am very willing to pay for it.

Moreover, the data of the game should be discussed by the game planner, and we players will have subjectivity, just like everyone hopes that their planes can kill more enemies, regardless of the performance of other planes.

There was an error in my translation just now,

To quickly experience top-level vehicles, paying to accelerate research and development is also an option.

This is the only factor that matters. Battle rating. If we continues to have many 11.0 - 12.0 ARB even after the maximum aircraft BR becoming 12.3 (F-16C Block 50 and MiG-29SMT Izdeliye 919), I shall suggest to move MiG-21bis, J-7D, and J-7E to 10.7 for ARB.

Compared to the J7E, the J7D’s BR is on the high side and should go to 10.7 BR. but compared to the Mig 21 MF and Mig 21 SMT, the J7D has four PL5Bs and a low 10.7 BR. For comparison, the Harrier GR3 has two AIM-9Gs and a BR of 9.7, while the Sea Harrier FSR.1(e) has two AIM-9Ls and have a 10.3 BR. If you look at it from this perspective, the J7D’s BR of 11.0 is normal.
Balancing the J7D’s BR would require other means, such as giving the J7D two PL8s and two PL5Bs to mount, rather than simply adjusting the BR.The same problem applies to the Mig21 Bis, which has six R60Ms and a far superior airframe than the Mig21 MF or the Mig21 SMT, and simply lowering the BR to 10.7 would be inappropriate.
But gaijin allows for a mere 0.4 difference in BR between F5E and F5C, so all I can say is that anything is possible.
Also I highly doubt that gaijin thinks PL7s are superior to PL5Bs and therefore they see no problem with J7D at 11.0.

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bvvd是什么商业兽性还不知道吗,付了钱还要在你头上拉屎。解决事情的办法就是中国玩家团结起来 弃游!

Same with the F104S TAF if not worse with the F104 as that thing has Aim9J and Aim7E but you cant have the gun

J7D needs to be adjusted


Yeah this thing is a joke. I actually feel cheated to have fallen for it during the half-off sale. Every match I play I’m spanked by 11.7s and 12.0s. I’ve never been down-tiered.

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same issue

One of the worst gift packages in history, which indicates that gaijin doesn’t care about Chinese TT at all