The J35A still needs to be moved down in BR

It lacks flares, RWR, TRACERS, and only has caged 10G missiles. This, when it regularly is pitted against aircraft with uncaged, all-aspect, and SARH missiles. There are quite a few popular jets that are able to match its speed, and nearly everything has better energy retention. The moment the J35A tries to dogfight anything, it slows down to the point of being a stationary target. Yet it dogfights EVERYTHING, because it has caged missiles and invisible rounds. Please, for the sake of my sanity, bring it back down to 9.3.

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It’s superior to every 9.3 in the game.


Why? What makes it superior? Radar?

You want to see J35A has same BR with Hunter FGA.9 or J32B lansen?

Climb rate
Post stall maneuvers

The problem ain’t the BR of this aircraft but the one of specifics attackers using ALL-ASPECT IR missiles.

ok… i dont agree with the J 35A having to go down but this is just wrong. after gaijin’s last changes to the flight model its maneuverability is dog[pRoFaNiTy] and it does not stall anymore so it literally cannot do any post stall maneuvers

Well,… i’ll test fly it back, and if i do any stall maneuver, i’ll come back to you.

And maneuvrability is good better than any aircrafts of 9.3 anyway.

It’s very similar to the F4D-1, which is a jet I love to fly. It’s at a lower BR, yet offers a lot more than the J35A. It’s hard for me to believe that speed is such a large driver of BR. With both jets, speed just gets you into combat sooner, the actual combat is all subsonic. What gets me killed is always that second enemy jet that just waits until my airspeed drops to a crawl, and then smacks me with a missile. The thing is, I don’t drop speed in combat with the F4D-1 nearly as often, because I have tracers. That means I don’t spend a lot of time guessing shots, stuck on one guy’s tail.

Ok if you did not write about post stall maneuvers I would think that you are talking about MIG19S/PT. Also they have better acceleration and keep their energy better than J35A. F3H is also pretty manouverable, have good speed and guns. F4D may not be the fastest but have good guns and 4 AAM and is agile.

ok, so after i tested back out,… they indeed make the aircraft more stable than it should,… maybe because too many people cried about loosing all speed when pushing on their key to pull up.

i make it happened to Cobra, into full realistic controls, and on a very specifics situations (speeds, and methods).

that’s hard to believe gaijin did that in order to prevent player from stomping on 9.3 aircrafts,…

the sad thing is that they did this to the 10.3 and 10.7 one as well

Yeah because the J35A belongs 0.3br above the F-86F-2 and MiG-17… get real