The J30 Night Fighter

Hello, as we know sweden is lacking in lots of departments in Aviation and one of these departments is CAS specifically in the battle rating of 3.7. Your options are very limited to none, for the most part it’s the J26 david that cost about 15 dollars or more (last time i checked) so i would like to make a suggestion about a vehicle that can be useful as a CAS for 3.7 sweden which is.


the J30 is basically the Mosquito XIX which is an upgraded version of the Mosquito XIII and the difference is that Mosquito XIX have the ability to mount either american or british radars unlike the Mosquito XIII, it was mainly used as a Night Fighter thats why it got the radar Upgraded.

It’s weaponary: 20mm Hispano Cannons that sweden probably switched it to the swedish 20mm Akan , it did not get the brownings be cause of the radar upgrade that made it unable to carry Machine guns on it’s nose as demonstrated here


with the possibility of carrying bombs but the payload is unknown as i couldn’t find a source for it’s payload(still searching) but this is the only picture i found for the XIX where it had a bomb bay which means supposedly it carried bombs:


the only number i was able to find on a on a consistent bases for other mosquitos was 4,000lb worth of bombs or 1,816kg.

i don’t know if this thing will able to sit at 3.7 but it lacks 4 guns and in theory the same old payload while being heavier be cause of the radar.

share with me your opinions and thoughts and wether do you want this aircraft or not.

P.S: the J30 is literally a copy paste Mosquito XIX i couldn’t find anything about the J30 be cause it was simply hard and i am new to this type of forum posts (diving deep into an aircraft).

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Id guess it would essentially be the same as the RAF ones. Where guns reduced bomb load. So im guessing it would be about the same as the Mosquittos we have on the British TT withwise of max bomb load (2x 500lb bombs), the removal of the lighter MGs might mean more bomb capacity, it might not, Hispanos are quite large as well. Im guessing that 4k bomb load is a variant with no guns at all.

But yeah, we need to more Mosquitto variants in game. They are one of the most iconic aircraft built in WW2 and yet we barely have any in game.

there was little to no information about the night fighters i guess that’s one of the reasons on why we didn’t get much of them.

Heavy fighters are tricky to place. Night fighters are well… meant for night time hit run attacks against bombers and less so dogfighting in broad daylight.

But Im really really hoping that with the split BRs we can get a bomber variant. Would need to be like BR2-3 in ARB but 5.0 ish in GRB because no guns and only defence speed but a 4000lb blockbuster cookie on a mosquitto would be kinda OP at a low BR in GRB

its really a headache to find something good as CAS for sweden low tier, ben searching for ages other nations have so many options.

Nothing from any other Scandinavian nation? Like a British export to Norway post-WW2 that might be the right BR ?

i didn’t search it but there is supposed to be many options, how ever i don’t know if gaijin is gonna put them in the TT or not be cause nations like norway and denmark have ben premium Only. but if i found I’ll flag this post so it gets deleted be cause the J30 is a bit weird and mostly not gonna be in 3.7

Looks a lot like the Mosqutto Mk VI on the Briitsh TT at 3.7, minus the 4x 7.7mm MGs. So would be a good addition for the Swedish TT nonetheless. But would be more of a heavy fighter and less so a bomber. Good for taking out bombers or gun strafing.

But yeah, Gaijin has been a bit hit and miss on what they add lately. Never adding what is needed.

this entire post was mainly to know if the J30 can carry bombs or not, atm doesn’t look like it can so it’s pointless if it got added

If id have to make a guess. Maybe 2x 500lb bombs. It depends on what space is taken up by the radar. The British Mosquitto also has wing rockets. So again, that is another possiblity, but yeah, its finding a primary source to confirm that for Sweden

(and this is Gaijin, so probably a straight C&P of the Mosquitto Mk VI with a reskin)

The J30 aka Mk.XIX used the FB.VI airframe with a modified nose and engines. As such it had the split bomb bay and provisions for universal carriers or rocket rails under the wings.

So in theory they could carry up to 4x 500lb bombs, or 2x 500lb + 8x RP-3. Pictures certainly show the underwing pylons were fitted to at least some aircraft, but none have stores of any types.

Whilst I want to say yes I think more evidence that Sweden did at least test bombs if it is to be accepted as a fighter/intruder rather than a pure fighter.

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lovely plane tbh. i try to find some stuff about it