The Italian Flanker

In the 1990’s Italy identified the need for an interim fighter aircraft until the planned introduction of the Eurofighter Typhoon. During the Silvio Berlusconi government, Russia was entered into the competition due to Berlusconi’s personal closeness with Putin. Irkut Corporation offered the Su-30MKI ( MKI for Modernizirovannyi Kommercheskiy Ital’yanskiy - “Modernized Commercial Italian”). It was jointly developed with Alenia Aeronautica due to previously working and falling out with Yakolev. On April 1st, 2002, 2 aircraft were sent over to Italy and tested by Aeronautica Militare Italiana pilots in Italian colours. Due to pressure from the American government, the project was cancelled and the F-16 was chosen instead. The Su-30MKI was able to equip NATO ordnance as well as Russian. Both Su-30MKI’s were sent back to Russia and cannibalized for parts.



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i declined the addition of the centauro for the russian tree, so i will decline the addition of this for italien tree out of fairness as well

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+1, if Sweden can have a T 80 U and Mi-28A that they “tested” then Italy can get an Su-27/Su-30, alongside Japan which also tested them

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If Russia gets iranjan f14 both centauros freccia wih both 25 and 30mm aswell as cv90 and Bradley why not

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These are all Indian Flankers.