The Italian-American: B1 Centauro 105s evaluated by the US, 2000-2002

Since when does the much vaunted American technology need an Italian light vehicle?


Why do you talk like a pseudo intellectual?

I asked a question, you could answer, if you have some valid arguments.

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Why does Sweden need the Mi28 or the T-80U, vehicles that country never used?
Why does Japan need the F-5, a plane it never used?
Why does Italy need an entire Hungarian tank and plane lineup?
None of these countries ever used these vehicles, but they were put in to either fill gaps or sell vehicles.

Do you really think the American TT needs a sub-tree? Or some foreign vehicle? Just because other smaller TTs received them?
P.s I think the Hungarian sub-tree adds nothing new and exciting to research and play.


I think the Centauro would make for a cool event vehicle, the US uses foreign designs (see: Stryker, Constellation class) and has examined some in the past. I don’t see why you’re getting all worked up about it.

Dreaming costs nothing.

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