The Italian-American: B1 Centauro 105s evaluated by the US, 2000-2002

Careful, get ready to get flagged by the community for talking like that. Oh btw can I interest you in the highly popular idea of adding the Centauro to the USSR tree? Apparently according to russian players its desperately needed, but how DARE US players have it too. USA is OP didnt you know! USA bad 🤬 Americans are bad

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The Russian and American TTs don’t need the B1 Centauro, get over it, it won’t be added to either TT.


Would be fantastic if neither got it, but get over it? Come on man. Look at both posts. Dont be so dense to the community bias/internal hate. You cant just ignore it because thats why were at where were at, with the entire US tree being nerfed since inception

The problem is American players arent like Russian players where they put in effort to undercut the other to further live West/NATO bad cope fantasies

Btw this when?


Also do not forget about this


The suggestion for Russia is also a majority No. The issue with giving out centauro’s is that it is one of Italy’s few truly unique top tier vehicles. For such a small tech tree, we shouldn’t be handing out those few unique vehicles unless there’s a really good reason. A stronger reason than “they trialed a couple of them”. The US has their own similar vehicles which can be added. They already have stryker, theres still LAV 105, Cadillac Gage V-300 and V-300A1, a version of the V-150 with the cockerill 90, and a version of the LAV with the stryker turret, just as far as anti tank gun armed armored cars go, and probably a thousand other tracked light tank options


They already have stryker, theres still LAV 105, Cadillac Gage V-300 and V-300A1, a version of the V-150 with the cockerill 90, and a version of the LAV with the stryker turret, just as far as anti tank gun armed armored cars go, and probably a thousand other tracked light tank options

Sure would be nice if Gaijin actually gave the US TT some of those instead of the current situation where we have a whopping two wheeled vehicles in the entire TT

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Yeah but America isn’t alone there. Italy is basically the only nation to get more than one proper tech tree wheeled light tank at top tier and that’s mostly because their entire armored doctrine relied on them

US and Soviets out here about to snatch all of Italys wheeled vehicles


chill bro, the F-15 is not even in the game

No thanks. When there are plenty of American wheeled/light vehicles that can also be added around the BR (± 0.7) I’d rather not add an Italian vehicle only trialed.

  1. LAV-25, 9.0
    download (13)
    LAV armed with M242 Bushmaster. Slightly slower than a Type 87 RCV and with a lower rate of fire but has thermals. In service with USMC since 1983.

  2. LAV-25A2, 9.3
    download (18)
    LAV-25 with 2nd gen thermals, laser rangefinder, optional add-on armour adding protection against 14.5mm MGs all-around, and spall liners. In service with USMC since 2018.

  3. LAV-AT, 8.7
    download (19)
    LAV with M901 turret. Basically just a larger, more mobile M901. In service with USMC since 1985.

  4. LAV-ATA1, 9.3
    LAV-AT with M901A1 turret with capability of firing TOW-2, 2A, and 2B. In service with USMC since 2003.

  5. LAV-ATM, 10.0
    LAV with new MTAS turret armed with twin launcher for any TOW-2 variant. Features 2nd gen thermals, fire-on-the-move capabilities, and automatic target tracking, essentially allowing TOWs to be used as fire-and-forget missiles. In service with USMC since 2017.

  6. LAV-105, 9.7
    LAV with modified Stingray turret with 105mm XM35 cannon. More mobile, wheeled XM8 but with lower fire rate (8RPM) and less armour. Evaluated by USMC in 1992-1993, not accepted into service.

  7. M1296 Dragoon, 9.7
    download (14)
    M1126 Stryker equipped with MTC-30 turret. Extremely similar to VBCI-2 (MTC30). In service with US Army since 2017.

  8. M1134 Stryker, 9.7
    download (15)
    M1126 Stryker equipped with turret with twin launcher for TOW-2, 2A, or 2B. Features 2nd gen thermals and additional ceramic armor for protection against 14.5mm machine guns as well as slat armour. In service with US Army since 2003.

  9. Stingray, 9.3
    download (16)
    Light tank designed as private venture by Cadillac Gage. Very similar to the XM8 Buford, though the Stingray’s 105mm L7A3 has a lower fire rate due to its manual loading. Only protected against 14.5mm machine guns frontally and small-arms fire all-around. In service with Thai Army since 1988.

  10. Stingray 2, 10.0
    download (17)
    Upgraded variant of the Stingray with options for improved engine, improved base armour, additional armour, upgraded FCS, 2nd gen thermals, and LWS. Marketed for export 1996-2003, no buyers.

  11. LAV-600, 9.0
    LAV-300 with Stingray turret. Similar to the LAV-105, but with downgraded mobility, worse ammunition, and slightly lower survivability. Marketed for export in 1988, no buyers.


Why exactly are the LAV-25 and Stryker Dragoon 9.X tanks? All they’re armed with are the 25mm and 30mm guns respectively?

Honestly I was really tired and totally misread it, but was also affirmed in my belief when I got some insane reasons as to why it should happen

The Dragoon is nearly identical to the 9.7 VBCI-2 which features the same turret.
The LAV-25 is quite similar to the 9.0 Type 87 RCV, though with slightly decreased mobility and a lower fire rate. However, the LAV also features a thermal sight, moderately improved frontal protection, and higher penetration.
The LAV-25A2 improves on the LAV-25, adding second-gen thermals, a laser rangefinder, electro-optical tracking system, and slightly improved survivability.

The original LAV-25 had first gen thermals?

According to my brief research, yes. If not then 8.7. Or a lower BR if it’s handicapped by a lack of M919 APFSDS (entered full production in 1996).

M919 APFDS was handed out in limited quantities in the Gulf War, entering limited production in 1990, but approved for full rate production in 1996.

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First I saw a Russian suggestion, asking Centauro to be added to Russian TT, coz the Ru Army tested it and now this, for the US.
LAV-105 suits just fine.
And I am still disappointed that, the XM8 Buford (M8 AGS) was not added as the standard US TT vehicle.
The Stngray(s) would’ve suited much more as the event equivalent to a tech-tree M8. Or maybe the other prototypes, like the 105mm equipped Sheridan(s) or even the latest BAE MPF (XM1302) or the Thunderbolt AGS could’ve been a much more viable candidate for the initial US event light tank.

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Big no.


I agree, the XM8 is one of my favourite tanks but I missed the event so now I simply can’t get the vehicle.

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