The issue with spall liners

I agree that they should be removed. Spall liners are currently a BS mechanic which punishes you even if you make a perfect shot - shooting a Leo 2 or T-90M in the side with a 0° angle has a VERY high chance to literally not do anything. That is complete overperformance from spall liners and they should not tank shots like that from anything larger than a 40 mm APFSDS.

Aside from that, they were given to only a select number of tanks, most notably the T-90M, Leopard 2A7V, Strv 122 and CV90s. Blatant favoritism for these countries, while others don’t get anything basically. M1128 was reported as missing spall liners 2-3 YEARS ago, and it didn’t even get them in the update. Not to mention the other top tier tanks, especially Leclers and ZTZ99s, which desperately need them (and ZTZ99A/W1001/VT4A1 had rhem)


Protective vest modification is only available to aircraft that actually used them. For example, no German aircraft have access to the modification. Same thing with G-suits.

Spall was already inconsistent before spall liners and now its even more of a dice roll… Spall liners should be removed for gameplay purposes imo but i know many don’t share my opinion…


But they are…

On the contrary, tiger I and Panther would be BR 11.0

People complaining about spall liners while fuel tanks have reduced spall 100% for years.

Spall liners are realism. Tanks shouldn’t be disabled from one shot. War Thunder’s gameplay will improve once it is slowed down, the only way to do this is to make bigger maps and to model modern tanks realistically.


But it is a game not real life, even IRL if you will take 120mm round side shot you are out of the battle, yes crew survived but i doubt they will continue to fight if they can retreat

Realism btw: “ROFL our loader just got deleted out of existence what a n00b kekw we will get new one anyway XD lets stay and fight hehe”


It takes more skill from those facing it, and less skill from those using it.

Yes, precisely.

IRL if your tracks are destroyed you’re not repairing the tank mid battle. The same with destruction of engine / barrel / cannon breach.

War Thunder’s game logic says quasi realism, realism within a point

Currently spall liners operate to reduce crew fatality from broadsides “reduce” as the round’s spalling is not entirely removed. That means fights last longer. This is good for the game’s health.

The issue is Gaijin’s lopsided introduction of spall liners and their map design focusing on CQC gameplay. Not the existence of spall liners.

Thats why balance is more important over realism.
Delete gimped mechanics that bring nothing but even more imbalance

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Fix rather than remove.

When all nations are given proper modeling they will be balanced.

Not rly, lower tier vehicles will get fkd even more, whats there to fix

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If you aim your shot for crew members rather than entirely relying on spall, you won’t have that issue.

Except when shooting into the loader’s side of a 122, even if you aim into the center of the crew compartment, you do minimal damage. The spall liner makes killing the commander AND gunner extremely reliable from the frontal side arc.

This is something you’ve had to do since the lowest of BR for several nations.

At lower BRs (1.0 - 7.7), APHE rounds are king. APHE does massive damage, and oneshots very reliably upon penetration. You dont aim for specific crew members with APHE, you aim for spots you can pen, such as sides, cupolas, mg ports, etc. At around 8.0 to 9.7, early sabots like DM23 make quick work of any 2nd gen mbt like the t55 or leopard a1a1 from any angle. At lower BRs, and for any top tier tank that is not a 122 or 2a7v, a shot in the side does devastating damage.

Aiming for an Engine or Breach shot is very consistent.

I agree, aiming for the engine or breech is very consistent. However, shooting a 122’s engine does not prevent me from getting slapped by a m/95 sabot. In frontal engagements, yes shoot the breech. However, from the side, like when a 122 is cluelessly rounding a corner, shooting the breech instead of the side is not only a much harder shot, since the turret cheeks are heavily armored, it also allows the 122 to smoke and reverse back into cover. Any other mbt in the game would have died to a shot in the side, so why does this privilege only exist for the 122/2a7v.

The STRV122B series has always been a pain. And of course, it’s going to be more durable than the 2A6 which lacks any form of good hull armor.

If I did not make myself clear earlier, the issue is that it is massively more durable from a side aspect, and its impossible to make up the difference by “aiming better”. Ammo is in blowout racks, and spall liners prevent you from reliably killing crew.

They only negate spall. They do not stop shells.
If you simply aim and know your opponent’s vehicle, it isn’t an issue. This is Top Tier. If you don’t know enemy weak points or vulnerabilities, you shouldn’t be there.

The side of a tank is a weakpoint for every single tank in the game. Shots to the side cripple almost every single tank in the game. However, the side spall liners make 122s take minimal damage from the side.

I’m approaching 40 days in ground RB battles and much of that time is spent at 10.3 to 11.7

And I dont know what grass is. But I do know a bunch about tanks in GRB.


Same goes for Leopard2A7V and T90M,nothing special here aside from other tanks that its missing their spall liners.

Personal claim without proper evidence, spall liners are inconsistent sometimes they dont protect you from Side shots and sometimes it compeletly negates entire spalling and damage but this goes for T90M and Leopard2A7V as Well.

Just shoot the part where side and frontal hull armor becomes one, that area doesnt have spall liner protection and it will heavily cripple any Strv122,Leopard2A7V and T90M if they are coming from the corners.

Rather then removing spall liners entirely Gaijin should introduce spall liners to other tanks that has and should rework on spall liners.

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T-90M is just trash compered to A7 and 122’s. Spall liner does almost nothing for it since ammo is behind it and if penetreted it goes into space. Not to mention 7.1 sec rld, no reverse etc


Sure sure…


It went to space can’t you see

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My bad should checked my eyes next time.

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Wonder if you are missing 1 crew member cuz you got shoted into the side and survived as well.

Well if was me i would be dead