The IS-6 Is Horrible

Recently got the IS-6 since I wanted a Soviet heavy tank and this clearly isn’t it, the mobility is decent but the armour for 7.7 is practically paper and the internals of the vehicle is a C4 grenade awaiting to be exploded.

I usually attempt to aim for a KDR of around 3 but its practically impossible in this thing, I don’t like to use teammates as an excuse but this also hinders the ability of this vehicle due to the 20s reload.

What are your thoughts on this vehicle and could this be a skill issue on my end? I honestly believe this thing should either be 7.3 or be given a better reload rate or something.

For comparison this is my most enjoyable 7.0ish vehicle (I know the PLZ83-130 isn’t good but its fun as hell).

This is some insane level of copium I haven’t seen since the “Abrams bad” crowd


Would you like to elaborate? Compared to my T-10A which sits at the same BR its functionally inferior in every single aspect, the IS-6 once sat at a decent BR of 7.3 (before everything got moved up) and even there it was struggling a small amount.

The difference in your (ground vehicle) K/D is 9.9895% between the IS-6 and the PLZ83-130, therefore if the PLZ83-130 is fine at its BR then the IS-6 is fine at its BR.

Hard to say as i dont know how you play it.
Personally, i find that you have to play as a medium tank in most cases. If you are fighting something with APHE or AP, you can play as a heavy.
I also have problems sometimes where i tunnel vision and over extend. I have to make sure i keep an eye on the map in case i push too far or the front line collapses.


between the IS-6 and the PLZ83-130

Oh its openly known that the PLZ83-130 is a horrible vehicle and I’ve claimed so as well, an example of someone else struggling in it would be JustinPlays, he planned to make a video on the vehicle but completely cancelled it due to it being horrible (the BR range and what you face and compete with).

I used it as a comparison as the PLZ83-130 has it much worse yet it does better as it doesn’t have to face vehicles like the TAM. Both should be either balanced with a faster reload or a lower BR (preferably a faster reload).

lol - such a come down since it was introduced and was OP-as-hell!!


Just because something was overpowered when it was introduced shouldn’t mean it should be neglected. If something is overpowered then something should be adjusted and vice versa. This also applies to vehicles such as the Puma IFV and Challenger 2.