The IS-6 is beyond Busted

Ironic coming from me, but that IS-6 is disgustingly OP. I bounce like 95% of the time and its armor is ridicolous. It is stronger than the T95, Maus and Tortoise. Today I nonpenned on its FLAT SIDE

Look at this, is this Fair or is it Russian Bias?

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That is just general gaijin volumetric fuckery, I can do the same thing in protection analysis that you did with any other tank. I am not denying that its really good, but you cherry picked places to shoot, which invalidates your argument.

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It’s called realism.
He’s hitting roof armors, which are indeed that thick.

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And as many overlapping plates as possible with a 128mm shell in the age of volumetric

idk looks like Russian Bias to me

Until you realize that is a trait of nearly all tanks dating back to Renault FT.

This thing is trash bro the other day I got one-shot by the German reserve 15cm SiG, then again one-shot by M-51 which is a 6.0. Couldn’t sleep for one week because of how disturbed I was.