The installation of J-8 F in the trailer

It is obvious that the J-8 F is equipped with PL11 missiles in the trailer, but it cannot be equipped with PL11 missiles in the game. I hope your company can delete the incorrect segments of the J-8 F in the trailer or delete the J-8 F as a vehicle because the trailer deceived me in the first place.


or you can sue them for false advertising lol

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i was joking lol, but just make a thred about renaming the j-8 to a version that could actually carry the pl11

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Perhaps this can be done, but it seems that Gaijin has no intention of doing so

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well if the chinese players make enough noise about it im sure gaijin will

However, Chinese players are not united, and due to language issues, few people come to the forum to argue. Even I am using translation software to communicate with you, hh, my English is not very good

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no worries friend,
but dont you guys have a chinese forum? or at least a chinese national community?

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The technical moderator rarely pays attention to the Chinese sub forum. I used to post some posts there, but few people would read them, so I still came to the main community to post

dont you guys have the chinese big guy i forgot what his position is but he was in charge of researching and suggesting vehicles directly to the devs?

Oh, don’t mention him. He is almost a street mouse in our Chinese player community, and everyone is shouting and beating him. He often brings out some bad information to the official and ignores those favorable information. We really don’t like him

wow, seems the common people are more skilled than the supposed pros lol

Of course, there are also many comrades who have submitted materials that are conducive to the development of the Chinese department, and I am very grateful to them

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sadly WT isnt passion based but profit based, if only gaijin would allow players to β€˜donate’ their own models (if they are good enough) and use them in the actual game

So why didn’t Gaijin reissue a J-8? It can be the J-8 H or J-8 IIM, the former can mount PL11 and PL8, the latter can mount R27R and PL8, and even R77. Of course, I do not support Gaijin issuing R77 to the J-8 IIM. In short, there were many fun J-8s that could be released, but Gaijin chose this J-8F instead

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Perhaps you’re talking about the operation mode of DCS?

i meant how we have warthunderlive as a players content website and gaijin should use the best models from there to add to the game

I estimate it will be difficult because Gaijin needs to maintain the overall quality and style of modeling

well yes ofcourse but if they have a template the overall effort needed would be less than making a new model from the beginning

I estimate that many strange and strange vehicles are submitted every day, haha

not as many as i would like though… if i could make models id make one for the jeff (jf-17)