The indian ZSU-23-4 Shilka in the british tree?

we will have squadron t90 in the britain line why not the indian zsu 23 4

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Given the fairly negative reaction to the T-90 and the fact that it doesn’t add much in the sense that it’s a Radar Guided Gun system, I highly doubt the UK needs/wants this in its tree as of this point in time.

I suppose it can be foldered with the Za-35 at 8.3, but I doubt it would see any major use and it wouldnt fit in the gap between 5-8 or 8-10 so not a lot of value their either. So I’d vote no until britain actually has its issues fixed first, but looks kinda cool for the distant future

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yeah no, use your own aa

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where is my russian abrams from ukraine?

I examined this when looking for potential Commonwealth additions to address the gap between the ZA-35 and Stormer HVM. What I found was that this is just a Shilka with a better radar set. It still uses the same 23mm gun which lacks the range to effectively engage targets arguably even at its own BR, much less the higher ones you may carry it into, and does not have MANPADS attached like some other Shilka modifications. Overall I can understand why an Indian vehicle enthusiast may want it, but it would not really be a needed vehicle.


Then where is my Usa T90,Pantsir S1,Mig21-23-25-29 and Yak-141?

why would usa get pantsir and yak-141? Russia captured leopards and bradleys, yak-141 wasnt even givcn to anyone it was a prototype amazing garbage logic going you got there saying something just to say something.
Also Ukraine= part of USSR and Russian empire, much better ties historically than T-90 or Shilka in UK tree.

Cause Usa captured Pantsir-S1? or Lockheed Martin literally helped and funded Soviets for Yak-141 project maybe?

Jokes on you dude your argument is the trash one, im just using your Logic against you.

Wether you like it or not USRR is nothing but old memory and Ukraine shouldnt be part of Russian tree considering current war.

yeah and it became the f-35 with stolen blueprints, youll get your yak-141 when f-35 is added

Because Ukraine captured a ton of Russian gear during this conflict and sent it to the UK and US. We have more captured russian gear than Russia has captured western gear. Not too mention the fact that countries like Poland, Ukraine, etc, that were former warsaw pact nations joined NATO. So by the reasoning alone, we could and should have things like Mig-29s.

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Δ°magine calling F-35 a stolen because of Yak-141.
What a misareble statement actually.

we dont have polish tree in game, does not count

Technically, we dont have a Russian Tree either

So by that logic, does that mean we get Su-57s because they are stolen F-22 blueprints?

According to his Logic it should be like that.

No reason to. This SPAA performs worse than any Gepard version out there.

No, good prank

Polish tree would be cool on tue, it could connect other eastern nations, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic and so on, seeing that Poland is probably one of the last sensible countries that can be added to the game, unless I’m wrong, maybe Turkey and India, but no more can be done, unless we want to make China 2.0 out of every new nation.

Yeah, poland would be great with all those nation

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