The inaccuracy of the Su 27S engine output

while looking for the documents relating to the flight performance i found several differences from the in game model and the real life performance of the Al-31F engine, while the dry thrust (no afterburner) is below even the al 21f3 engine that were put on the very first prototypes of the flanker the T-10, the later models had the AL 31F engine, these later prototypes were adopted by the soviet union. Meanwhile the flanker in war thunder has the AL 31F’s output without afterburner at 6630 kgf, but if you look at the MoD of Russia and its technical page, the Russian Knights and the specifications of their jets which have the AL 31F engine you can find that the thrust is not even close to what it should be, the afterburner thrust of the in game flanker seems to be of the Al 21f3, which the su 27s didn’t have, looking at the specs of the AL 31F the Russian MoD, the engine specification page and the russian knights page provides us with information that the max output of the engine with the afterburners should be 12500 kgf, as mentioned in the MoD of the russian armed forces and the companies archive. but looking at the dry thrust it should be putting out 74.53 Kn or 7599.9449 kgf

unfortunately i can only put 2 sources but there are 3 more

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