The Imperial Meow Armed Forces =IMAF= is looking for new friends!

The army of the Kayzar…

We are a community that roleplay as a fictional country with our own flag, history, setting/universe, armed forces, system of goverment, monarchy etc (You dont have to join our roleplay of it but it is fun?)

*Imperial Meow Navy Marines tank advancing on the beaches of Quintus.

We are a mostly casual squadron so no “I dont care about your dad’s funeral go grind squadron activty” type of harrasment.

What do we offer in return?

  • A non-toxic environment that mainly talks about history.
  • Squadron vehicle research.
  • New people to meet from other parts of the world.


  • Being able to at least write and read English.
  • Having a Tier III Plane or Tank / Tier II Ship.
  • Have played at least one RB game.

If you are dont fit the requirements dont worry! we can help you as best we can to help you get to the tier III!

Looking for people to chat and play the game together.

How to join?
Our Clan Tag - =IMAF=

Our Flags for referance

Flag of the royal family

Flag of the country/empire

Coat of arms for the Imperial Meow Armed Forces


As a member of the squadron I will take responsibility of teaching players I and I hope we will grew bigger

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