The guide to efficiently strive in the P-47

How to Get air kills with the P-47

The P-47D-25 is the first P-47 you will unlock in the American tech tree. Its competitors often outrun and outperform the P-47 in many different ways. To combat this the P-47 is extremely good at climbing, where it performs impressively well at high altitudes. Another pro to the P-47 family is the 8x 12.7 mm which is not common to find on WW II era Prop-Planes. The first thing to do when you get into a match with your P-47 is to start your climb when you are at about 4000 meters into the air stop. From there a tactic which is known as boom and zoom is used. Using your altitude dive down on an unsuspecting enemy plane and unleash the might of your 8x 12.7 mm. Then quickly use your gained speed to get back to altitude, rinse and repeat and watch as the kills rack up.