The game is unplayable, my packet loss has been super high over the past 3 days

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So today I’d like to talk about my packet loss over the past 3 days, its been around 30 to 80 Ish and its nuts now I am in Australia but before the past 3 days its been fine to play on any server, but now i just cant play with this packet loss. Now with high packet loss when I say, bomb a tank I will not see the bomb go off until much later and it takes so long to spawn into the game to. Please fix this if you can Gaijin, thank you for reading guys. Also thanks for all the bug fixes and other minor updates and events Gaijin.

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Have you tried playing on one of the 2 other regions?
Changed your DNS settings?

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be sure to address the issue to the proper source, check your net settings and hardware. Months ago i had the issue where i got PL and choke non-stop. I tried everything possible and at the end my router was malfunctioning. Once i bought a new router everything was fine and dandy. Good luck!

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Don’t worry, it’s not just you. It’s also really bad from Singapore as well (also reported by friends as well so it’s likely not a router issue)

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