The game crashes after 30s of playing every time a new battle starts

Hello, I have a problem that when I turn on the battle, after about 30 seconds of the game, the image either drops out for 1 to 2 seconds or the image freezes - only warthunder does it, it didn’t happen to me 2 days ago. thank you for answer. it only lasts once at the start of a battle.

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Hi , i have the same issue , about 20-30 seconds after the battle starts, the game stops for 2-3 seconds and then everything is fine until the end of the battle , another battle and it’s the same again , the battle starts, 20-30 seconds pass, the game stops for 2-3 seconds and everything is fine until the end of the battle . This has been happening since yesterday. Maybe it has something to do with the last mini patch that was released yesterday. I’m waiting for some information on this matter and I hope this problem will be fixed.

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it helped to reinstall the drivers, turn off the Nvidia overlay and completely reinstall War thunder

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Yes, I’ve been experiencing freezing/stuttering near game start since recent updates. It’s happening in both air and ground modes for me.

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I have NVIDIA 546.33 drivers installed, I never use the overlay in the game.
I just completely reinstalled the game and the problem went away. No jams.

This is my exact problem. Within 20-30 seconds of every game start my screen freezes or just goes blank for a few seconds and then recovers. I can still hear everything happening around me and my tank continues driving along.

I’ve tested every game mode and it does the same thing. The ONLY time it does not do it is when doing a test drive. I drove around the entire map and engaged all targets on a test drive it never happens. So it’s only during actual game matches.

Just figured I’d update this:

After the latest patch this no longer happens. So whatever they did, they fixed it. No issues with the game anymore (as far as my previous issue is concerned).