The game close after 5 segs open at hangar

Hello everyone, this is my question, WHAT HAPPEND WITH MY GAME? Idk why when i open the game, this run normal without crash or something but in the moment when the game load the hangar, pass 6-7 segs and the game close it alone.
i try reinstall the game, also update the drivers, use DDU for drivers, reinstall the drivers, also try with another game WOWarplanes, and have the equal error, but i play terraria normal, also CS2
Also Spintires, STALKER.
When i open the game on window mode, runs normal and put again on fullscreen and runs normal, idk what happen.

So you have it fixed?

Yes, is so strange due to i had the Steam version and i have to download the Launcher version and fixed it. is so strange.

Check if you have any custom skins or missions or sounds that may be contradicting some files

I’ve had this happen before, it’s usually a one time thing.

Always verify files and clear the cache folder from in the game folder.

Using the launcher version is just working around the issue.