The G-503 (T27): The Ameriyusha...

The G-503 (T27): The Ameriyusha…


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Greetings! Today I suggest the American Willy Jeep equipped with a double-stack T-27 Rocket-Launcher System, a modification done to bolster the mobile-rocket artillery forces of the allies, similar to the already in-game BM-13N or 15 cm Pz.W.42.

Basic Information

Designation: G-503 (T27)

Role: Self-Propelled Rocket Artillery

Crew: 2

Manufacturer: Willys-Overland

Total built: “Uh… Enough?”

Time Built: 1945


Dimensions (Some Specs of Standard Willy MB):

  • Length: 132 in (3.35 m)

  • Width: 62 in (1.57 m)

  • Height: 69 3⁄4 in (1.77 m)

Driving Performance (Some Specs of Standard Willy MB):

  • Engine: Willys L134 V4 gasoline engine, 60 hp (45 kW)

  • Max Speed: 65 mph (105 km/h)

  • Max Range: 300 mi (480 km)

  • Total Weight: 2,505 lb. (1,137 kg)


  • 1x 114 mm T27 2-Stack, 14-Barrel Rocket Launchers (14 rockets)

Usage in Battles

The G-503 (T27) would essentially be a American Katyusha, heavily relying on allied protection to be effective, however if used properly can become a very dangerous adversary. Due to a lack of turret traverse, it is important to have a understanding and to take advantage of your terrain, and to consider the ballistics of your rockets.


  • Powerful 114mm rockets can destroy most light and damage medium vehicles

  • Capable of effective indirect fire

  • Great Volume & Rate of Fire

  • High-Velocity Rockets


  • Poor Survivability

  • Poor Off-Road Capabilities

  • Low Ammunition

  • Short Dead-Zone Infront of vehicle


With the development and deployment of the T-27 rocket launcher system, naturally came a want by the US army to attempt to make a self-propelled variant. Products of this want led to the creation of the Caliope, and various mountings of the T-27 on vehicles, one of which, being the T-27 mounted on a Willy Jeep. Created in 1945, the “Rocket Willy” was deployed as a rapid-fire support system to further bolster the Allies’ rocket artillery capabilities, combining the Willy’s maneuverability and reliability with the powerful armament of the T-27. It would be deployed through WW2 and for some time after, which it was then replaced by more specialized and capable vehicles.

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Powerful Jeep willies.