The future of USSR air tree: A discussion on potential upcoming planes

Hey there. I’ve just made this topic to discuss about potentially upcoming soviet/russian planes in wt. Since we got the su-27, I guess we now know we’re gonna get planes up to the most modern jets in real life (within reason)

I personally would really love to see the Su-30BM this year. Canards and thrust vectoring. I can’t wait to see that thing manouver in full controls.

How about you? What new planes would you like to see? Do they have anything they’re really good at doing?

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It would have to be added with the f-22, would be the death of air rb without huge change to gamemode


Yak-130, Su-25SM3, Mi-24PN, I like CAS, yes.

F-22 has to worry about the J-20, not the SU-57.

Those planes would need a BR carved out just for them.

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I dont think we should go further. It will all be purely made up

I have this concept made however, it is 2 years old and it needs updating USSR Air Tree Concept - War Thunder Wiki

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I wonder if Gaijin would consider the 2021 Su-75

At what point? 50 years in the future?

No, whenever they are adding 5th generation aircraft

That day will be the day pigs fly.

A10 can fly :P

My guess is by the time we see that generation of aircraft, there would have already been a flying prototype.

Not for much longer thankfully

A-10 stand for Ah shit which is what the poor souls who happen to be in a friendly vehicle when an A-10 is scrambled say. 10 is the amount of friendlies and civilians killed on avg per gun run


No no no the A-10 is the best CAS platform out there*

*Only when facing adversaries several decades behind in military capability.
*Only when in the absence of any modern AA.
*Only when flying in absolute air superiority.

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Mig-29M 9-15 or 29K 9-31, and MiG-31B
I need it in next update, before ARH missile