The future of USSR air tree: A discussion on potential upcoming planes

Hey there. I’ve just made this topic to discuss about potentially upcoming soviet/russian planes in wt. Since we got the su-27, I guess we now know we’re gonna get planes up to the most modern jets in real life (within reason)

I personally would really love to see the Su-30BM this year. Canards and thrust vectoring. I can’t wait to see that thing manouver in full controls.

How about you? What new planes would you like to see? Do they have anything they’re really good at doing?



It would have to be added with the f-22, would be the death of air rb without huge change to gamemode


Yak-130, Su-25SM3, Mi-24PN, I like CAS, yes.

F-22 has to worry about the J-20, not the SU-57.

Those planes would need a BR carved out just for them.

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I dont think we should go further. It will all be purely made up

I have this concept made however, it is 2 years old and it needs updating USSR Air Tree Concept - War Thunder Wiki

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I wonder if Gaijin would consider the 2021 Su-75

At what point? 50 years in the future?

No, whenever they are adding 5th generation aircraft

That day will be the day pigs fly.

A10 can fly :P

My guess is by the time we see that generation of aircraft, there would have already been a flying prototype.

Not for much longer thankfully

No no no the A-10 is the best CAS platform out there*

*Only when facing adversaries several decades behind in military capability.
*Only when in the absence of any modern AA.
*Only when flying in absolute air superiority.


Mig-29M 9-15 or 29K 9-31, and MiG-31B
I need it in next update, before ARH missile

Getting the MiG-31 before it’s power-crept is the main thing IMO. If it doesn’t come in the next couple updates then it won’t really have a place at top tier. The main selling point is the PESA and R-33, otherwise it’s already worse than the current top tier roster.

“Su-25SM3” that aged well

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It really depends on the variant, the late model MiG-31BM will be effective for a long time after its introduction.

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