The future of surface to air defence

I’ve noticed we’re close to peak of SPAA history,
More and more countries stop developing them as SAMs are most effective against air assaults
My question
Are we about to have SAM systems like patriots
Arrrows, s300, iron domes, etc…
As their only weak points are short range
And low altitude targets

There are still tons of spaa to be added.

Yeah idk what you mean man, theres a lot more air defence systems out there that are obscure and not well known. Just because it’s not an S-400 or Patriot doesn’t mean it didn’t exist

I think you guys missed my point
I know there’s more veriants of current spaa’s
The question is
As countries tend to discontinue them eventually as SAM’s become more effective
How it will perform in game?

Depends on if they added more advanced (or longer range) standoff ordnance (or they model the datalinks for those already implemented like the TV MARTEL and GBU-15 / AGM-62 (ERDL), etc.) or add alternate methods of guidance like; GPS / INS, Passive Radar (Anti-Radiation) & Millimeter Wave Guidance for example.

Or, warhead types like; FAE, Cluster (bomb or dispenser) or Flechette. That can more readily target comparatively large areas vs other designs by carriage weight which would be very effective due to said systems general lack of armor and sensitive external components.

There is also the potential for the addition of Defensive Electronic Counter-Measures, ECM pods, Towed Decoys (e.g. ALE-50) and advanced variants of existing Chaff (ADM-20, -141, -160, etc.) and Flare (MJU-47) deployable.

While I can almost guarantee that War thunder will never be quite as granular as would be needed to make said systems required, I wouldn’t be all to surprised that at a stretch ECM pods and Anti-Radiation seekers are currently being considered or actively developed, since if they do decide to implement the next tranche of short range Theater level SAMs (e.g. MIM-23 & SA-4.); threat ranges will be pushed away a fair distance, which will make things very difficult without adjustments and concessions to vehicles that don’t have access to more advanced ordnance will need to be made to not be made instantaneously redundant.

Best one can guess is Gaijin putting these systems further back in the map so it takes time for a missile to intercept