The flagging system needs to be removed or reworked to punish inappropiate use

So far, I am yet to see a SINGLE properly flagged post.

As of now, the only flagged posts I’ve come across have been abuse examples, and here’s one:

An user’s comment was unwarrantedly flagged. I said that it was unwarrantedly flagged… and so I was unwarrantedly flagged as well. I edited the comment so it would be unhidden, calling out for the unwarranted flagging… only to be flagged once again by the same user/s who are making these unwarranted flags.

If the system can not just be removed, my suggestion is to issue Forum bans to the users who misuse and abuse it. Maybe then people would take it more seriously not to abuse this system for personal vendettas and tantrums.


I agree.


I belive the system should be reworked. Many of my posts were flagged because someone just didn’t like what I was talking without any real reason.


So you’ve posted this suggestion in a section that’s not for suggestions, to avoid the need for the suggestion to be approved?

I actually made the sugegstion yesterday and am waiting for it to be approved myself because of the fact that from the day I came to this new abomination, I was being flagged…

How it’s even happening I have no idea, but the staff should’ve seen this coming, see this actually happening and inquire about it, but I don’t think anyone really has…

this one A’H kept flagging my post because i called the 2s38 toxic, and he did that 7 times until a mod removed the post. the absolute hell hole this forum has become by giving flagging powers to misfits and children with wallets is absurd.