The F4F really should get it's AIM-9L

Most stuff at it’s BR, like the J35XS, has more missiles, better FM and is faster too.
Planes at 11.0 have better missile sets and usually better FMs.
At 11.3 we have the F4J, 4S and the Mig-23s aswell as the Mirage F1sa, that get Magic 2s.

Overall, the plane is in bad spot IMO. The argument that it has a decent-ish flight model isn’t too strong anymore, as the meta at the 11.0 range has shifted from dogfights to missile spam. the main argument against the introduction was that it was “too powerful”, but with R73s 11.0 and Magic 2s at 11.3, 4 AIM-9Ls on a (presumably then uptiered) 11.0 airframe don’t seem that powerful.


F4F is 10.7 and F4E is 11.0 in ARB
but the F4F is 11.0 and F4E is 10.7 in SB, which is very unfair

Xs is a bad comparison due to its entire 6 pops of flares and huge speed burnoff in a turn. I do agree though, the F4F is overtiered