The F-84 Thunderjet Fuel Tanks

When grinding my Italian Air Tech-Tree I came across the F-84G, it is a funny looking early-Jet with some pretty unique Fuel tanks located at the End of the Wings. And exactly these Fuel tanks are a bit weird.
I know that these Tanks aren’t just for Fuel, they also host flightcharacteristics. But also if you were to Take a full loadout of HVAR unguided Rockets then these Fuel Tanks will be dismounted. And this is where it gets funny, the stock F-84G hosts a Max Fuel-load of 28 Minutes wich is more than enough for your normal Round of Air or Ground RB, but If you were to Take these Tanks off by Equipping All HVAR’s
that load stays the same. The F-84F also gets about 27 Minutes of Fuel without having these additional Tanks.
So Question is, are these Additional Tanks just useless in terms of Fuel or is it a Inaccuracy by Gajin?
On Wikipedia the F-84G is noted to have a much longer Flight Distance than your average F-84F.
Meaning that Gajin is just ingnoring the Fact of these Sidepods hosting Fuel.
The F-89 gets such Pods to but I cant make any In-Game research on that frankly.
Let me know your thoughts on the Topic and If you would want Gajin to Implement the additonal Loads
atleast in Simulator Modes.
Have a great Day Everyone

While i dont have the info on replacing wingtip fuel tanks with weapons, i will say that they should be a removable option on the aircraft, similar to drop tanks.

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