The F-15A is unplayable

Thing is a god damn brick, has the worst top tier radar, has the worst top tier radar missiles and has a useless gun placement that absolutely botches your trajectory with the recoil making it literally impossible to aim. The radar gets notched with the slightest path variation, sees chaff when it should not and loses the lock or switches to thin air out of the absolute fricking nowhere… All in all, it’s yet another non russian aircraft that can’t BVR and can’t furball.

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The only reason for me to play f15a is that f15a looks cool
But I still feel it necessary to play Su27 or Mig29SMT for the balance of my mind
F15A is tooooo weak now, not competitive at all
Maybe there would be some special usage of it idk?

there is “no special” usage to it, it’s flight model is incorrect, it’s radar is incorrect, the sparrows are incorrect, the thrust output is incorrect and even the vulcan belts are incorrect. All the love goes to the f-16c.

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Source? This isn’t rhetorical, I’m actually asking. I’m curious.

Also F-15 has an absolutely insane radar. Even if it is incorrect, the radar on this plane is fantastic I use it more than the radar on any other plane because it’s just that good, and thw AIM-7Ms are really good too.


And yet it’s 12.3 instead of 12.7 where it belongs and it really needs to move up. I hate fighting these in 11.3s


Is there anyone who enjoys playing against 1.0 higher equipment??

Wait until you found out Su-27’s radar is far worse.
Vulcan barely has recoil.
And F-15 furballs extremely well with 240 flares.

F-15A has its correct thrust output, vulcan’s correct, flight model is correct, and the radar is correct for the version we have in-game.

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Tornado GR.1 and F.3 looking at you saying this: :O

F-4J(unk) has a worse radar and fights it. Same as every other 11.3-12.0

The SkyFlash and SkyFlash SuperTrash are far far far worse.

Burst fire, don’t just hold the trigger down. Also it’s not in a weird place, just learn where it is and compensate for it.

Again, no not really, but there’s always ways to defeat a radar and radar missile, generally if you’re fighting a competent top tier player you’ll struggle.

yeah that happens with almost all radar

Guess what guys? The F-15 isn’t a dogfighter… who knew… and as to the BVR side of things yes it can, AIM-7s are really good when used properly.

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