The F-15 Eagle deserves alot more!

The F-15 Eagle in real life was made to be the best, and it trully was! but in war thunder it really is not impressive, i can go on youtube right now and find multiple videos of a player killing a F-15 with ease on a SU 27 or JAS39 Gripen

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WOW SO TRUE KING, The russian propagandists at gajin HQ (lead by putin and shoigu) can’t understand the true power of the F-15, that’s why they don’t make it the true turnfighter it is irl. Under direct order of gerasimov it’s over BR’ed as well, so it wont face it’s historical enemies (mig-21 and su-22), truly a sign of russian bias and favouritism.


Secret leaked image from a gaijin meeting. They were discussing how to nerf the F-15. You can clearly see Shoigu giving the order.


Maybe don’t be so bad?

I think hes just talking about how its missiles are shit and it cant even BVR lol

to be honest i dont think the F-15 is bad, (never tried it) i just think it should be better than a gripen or something