The F-14 and the AIM-54

I use to be able to get a few kills taking 2, 4, even all 6 and could reliably get 1 to 3 kills before using the 9L’s in closer. Now it seems like i may get 1 kill every 5 matches using the Aim 54. Tried using the A and the C but doesnt change anything. So i guess its just not worth trying to use anymore or am i just having really bad luck?

there is also skill involved in getting good launch parameters (high altitude (the higher the better, 8 km is a good idea), correct distance (not to close, so the missile has time to accelerate; so depending on stuff 30 km at the closest) and high speed (at least mach 1) and preferably guiding the missile until it goes pitbull.
But the rest is luck and dependent on the enemy/map.

Primarily it is a weapon to intercept long range bombers, before they fire their supersonic anti-ship missiles, not a weapon against fighters. That will be the AIM 120 etc.

The difference between the A and C is majorily the guidance in INS mode, so not that usefull against fighters to begin with

I’m well aware of the launch perimeters that are needed for the AIM-54 to increase the chances of getting a hit. Its normal if you take all 6 to sometimes get 0 kills with the phx as they are not nimble so are easily out maneuvered. I have never had so many problems getting them to connect like i have the last few days. I even started trying new tactics to get them to connect and still nothing. Starting to feel like they are a lost cause, or im just having a really bad night.

The 120 is more if a medium range missile. The 120 is basically just an aim7 with a active seeker built in.The Aim-54 is the only long range air to air missile the US has ever used, and hasn’t made an equivalent since. If the US ever gets the 120’s it will be the very first version or severely gimped in performance which would make it useless like the current aim-7’s

They made a change where they lowered the max aoa of fins by like 50%

Well thats just… ugh… When did that happen?

Just shows you how big these things were