The F-111D and YAIM-7G

The F-111D was the second USAF version of the F-111 Aardvark. Among other improvements, the D featured the Mark II avionics which featured an MTI intercept radar and Ku-band CW guidance beam for SARH missiles. This missile was the YAIM-7G.

I am currently working on a suggestion for the F-111D, but information on the YAIM-7G is extremely scarce. If anyone has any sources or information regarding this missile, especially regarding its production and evaluation, it would be much appreciated.

What we already know:
The YAIM-7G was a modified version of the AIM-7F with a seeker tuned to the F-111D’s Ku (J) band radar as opposed to the Ka (I) of the F-4. Any YAIM-7Gs produced were built on existing AIM-7F airframes.

Development of the YAIM-7G started in 1965 and was cancelled in 1970 though seems to have continued into 1971, or at least was still funded. The first F-111D was produced in 1968 though it only entered service in 1971. So it’s possible that it was mounted for evaluation. The Y designation would also indicate a preproduction, combat-ready batch as opposed to X for a purely developmental program.

Here are some sources to get started, might help
Unfortunately, they’re all secondary or tertiary


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In all seriousness, would hella love to see a Vark with semi actives, it’s an amazing plane that I would love to see some air to air capabilities added too. Hopefully you find some more info on it! Fingers crossed


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That sounds terrific, however it would still be a pain to play if they keep the oswald efficiency the way it is now. It’s hilarious having a stabilator be more effective than the airbrake. Tap s, lose 45 kts instantly. Hold S for three seconds and go from mach 1 to 450 kts. Also it can’t go past Mach 1.1 even at altitude after they completely destroyed its flight model a few months ago apparently?

Pretty much: