The eternal problem of 6.7 - 8.7

There is a problem that starts at 6.3 really, but at 6.7 you kind of notice it, by 7.0 you are so pissed by it. You get uptiered to 8.0 or 8.3-8.7 many times depending on your lineup. Playing 7.0 or 7.3 vs 8.3 vehicles or playing the heavies at 7.7 etc. its nonsense, my main issue is that these older vehicles have rounds that are meant to penetrate some armor, they met vehicles without armor with stabilizers and superiour guns.
What happen then ? I pen tem hit weakspot even, but every time the shell just goes through, then I reload 9-18 sec because of my old ww2 tech, then someone looks at me with 2x times faster turret rotation, faster shell and hit me, even multiple times before I can so something. If I play br like 3.3-6.7 its kind of alright. But the game breaks apart atleast how its setup in this br range, on paper vehicles might apear superiour, but not in game. There is this weird zone between ww2 and cold war tech to the “current stuff” and its all mixed out weird and on top of that the mechanic that some very heavy shells that hit center of enemy tank, just pass through, it just sucks when you have nearly 20 sec reload after that. This is self inflicted issue, by the constant updates, back in the day when the game was WW2 maybe early coldwar. The only tank that showed this issue sometimes was leo1. Today there are many aluminium boxes that dont even trigger shells that vere designed almost 30 years ago to combar completely different army. It not problem of the damage models maybe, but the br of some vehicles, especially some heavies like T32, IS4, they weve menace, undestructable, now their shells either do nothing or kill you. But back then their armor also meant something, today 1/3 of team are light tanks with stabilizers that will hit you before you see them. I dont know how is that fun. When we had the bad tanks, you could reacte when you saw enemy and even angle etc. sometimes. today you just go and day and you are happy to even fire a shot in some vehicles.


For example the Russian and German they have APHE that is meant to pen around 200-250mm, it many times just overmatch the light vehicles like Leo,Turm3,BMPs,Objects of various kinds, US also have a lot of light stuff. The rounds that both Germany and Russia have are ineffective against these vehicles, they even perform worse than the Brittish nation that nobody should play. I also play the Frech tree a bit, and it perform better than the Brittish I hope, still, nothing like the APHE of Russia and German when it hit right. US also has some good vehicles with APHE, but still Germany and USR are kind of top dogs there. Then the game turns and people use light vehicles where these shots just go through, dont do any damage. On top of that hidden heavy tank is stot back at by some light trash after pen-nonhit. Thats it… makes no sense I dont want this to be a rant.

Btw at 8.0-8.3 most vehicles either get useable heat, apfsds, stabilizers or al a lot of mobility. Completely rendering all of the previous vehicles that are slow with armor obsolete, with medium amor, but not enough firepower. Its complete overmatch, not incremental power life before, when people say you have more armor we put here a little bt better gun, that is the time where guns overmatched the armor for some time. Its questionable even today if tanks today can stop their own round. That was sometimes requirement back then and it was common.

My main issue is not even the BR but, guns from lower tiers could destroy BMP etc. A shitty heat if it hit good, could destroy light whatever with no armour, now. I can hit one vehicle withe 2 massive APHE, 4-6 HE and its still going, and I am on it for 30-40 sec. That thing should be split in half.

Like I could hate more on all the game modes but, I dont think like none of us should do that.

APHE has always over performed. HEAT is flaky, HEAT-FS is better but now early APDS has been neutered. It used to be my go to shell for UK at this BR range. Now just relying on the bog standard AP as the most reliable.

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Looked at the roadmap, and it looks like they have something planned for this issue, these “era-breaks”.


Part of the 2023 Summer Updates.

The big era-break I hope they fix is laser ranger finder + apfsds and stab. 8.0 French MBT w/o stabilizer is pain. Anything with a LRF+fast shell on a sniping map in a down tier is like shooting fish in a barrel.

I’m fine with a few exceptions like the Ikv 91, has LRF but shoots HEAT-FS and 0 armor. Or the Centurions having stab early.

But something with apfsds+lrs+stab shouldn’t be in the same match as something with none of that. I.e M103 vs T-55AM


It was definitely neutered in updated “Sky Guardians” but update “La Royale” (specifically with update has made it significantly more usable.

T-55AM is just the tip of the iceberg, IMO. The BMP-1 gets a 1970’s SACLOS ATGM (Konkurs) at 7.3 where it gets to shoot at WW2 and Korean War armor.

As to the M103, Gaijin should replace it with the M103A2 with the M60’s engine to at least give it a chance at 7.7 against the stabilized, faster, lower-profile HEAT-FS and sabot slingers that reload at least twice as fast as it does.


M103 really is just waste of tank right now. If only AP on it would work,but right now I don’t see any reason to pick it over M60 other then maybe that it looks cooler.

Yeah, it honestly offers nothing over the M60 it shares a BR with except uh… uncapped solid shot? I’ve had that APBC hit the front of a Cent 5/1 flat-on on Container Port from a few hundred yards and fail to pen.

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could suggest adding the M103A2 as a foldered vehicle in the tech tree.

That would solve exactly no problems with the existing tank, and they’d probably boot it up to 8.0 where the other fundamental flaw, the main gun and armor, are only exacerbated. And then after a year or two of suggestions and pleas, add the experimental sabot rounds to it, and make it 8.3 for good measure. Where it would be an un-stabilized T-10M with worse armor, worse mobility (37kph top speed), and worse p/w ratio (12.7).

The M103 was designed to kill IS3s at long range, from prepared positions. Nothing about this tank fits the game, even more so with Gaijin’s one size fits all AP formula not allowing the M358 to work as intended.

Indeed. Doctrinally and from a design perspective it was intended as a tank destroyer, and if it was labeled as one in-game everyone would deem it terrible at its job, and rightly so.