The "Duplex" has nothing to do in 5.7

Let’s summarize.

The “Duplex” A copy and paste of Colbert (5.3), with only 10 mm more armor, a few more armor plates.


Fewer AA defenses, all concentrated at the rear of the ship, the same number of secondary but in 4 turrets instead of 8 so 2x4, so if a turret is destroyed it’s two guns lost, fewer members crews, slower, and with exactly the same primary firepower and that in 5.7 is that a joke? I don’t know me, “Algeria” would have been a good choice for the end of the beta. But you preferred the easy way out, so please downgrade the Duplex to 5.3 or 5.0 but not 5.7… Be serious two minutes guys…


5.3 sure 5.0 no

No it would not be good choice to lock sole member of a single true heavy cruiser class behind a paywall. La Galissonnière-class, for example Gloire would be sufficient.


possibly but the “La Galissonnière” is not a Heavy cruiser, therefore, not comparable and already have a light cruiser in premium.

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Don’t see an issue tbh. If we want to be picky rusia has already 2 lightcruisers as premiums and britain has only one light but no heavy.
Gloire in late war refit would at the other hand fit 5.7 BR as it is comparable if not better than K class. Heavy cruisers simply dont give us better choices that wont hurt the tree.

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Please note, that unless it gets access to it’s mle1936 AP shells (APC 135Kg), it’s useless.

Well, if you have enough infos to have the complete data of this shell, by all mean post it, because such as it is, it is impossible to determine the bursting charge, if it’s actually an AP round or a SAP one, and a couple other things. Not that it has ever bothered Gaijin, especially when it was all about adding fantasy russian ships with fantasy russian shells, but it’s French here, so we’ll need 10 time the effort.

So if you have a complete and accurate description of the shell, be my guest.


I wouldn’t have so much of an issue with it, if it wasn’t 60 freaking dollars. It has very little survivability, but it hits hard. If it was a GE vehicle for 5k or 6k, it would be much more reasonable. Spading the Colbert makes much more sense if you don’t need the silver eagle modifier and, quite frankly, if you are trying to grind silver eagles with the French Navy, you are doing it wrong.

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With AP shell, ok
If no, it’s be very bad and not funny joke

Or let gaijin give an adequate penetration rate for SAP shells (not 0.47 as it now)

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