The Do 217 Js - do they have any purpose?

Is it me, or are the Do 217 J simply crap?

They are classed to be an interceptor, and get an airspawn, but have a climb rate like an arthritic sloth on a bad day, so you never actually reach any bomber…

Are they a heavy fighter that has even less maneuverability or speed than a bomber…
Or are they ground attackers? Without proper ordnance, to add?

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Its purpose is to dunk on people who try to head-on a plane with a 5kg one second burst mass.

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Well, that only works if the mislead person is slightly lower, and not too fast… the middle range between “too slow to control” and “compression” is barely existent on that plane…

Not every plane works well in every mode…

They are in the game because they existed. If you want to play them, then you can, if you dont, nobody is going to force you too. Yes, they are useless, and i dont think there has ever been a time when they were not useless. I spaded them because thats what i do, but i wouldnt advise anyone else bothering.


Maybe someday, when the Boulton Paul Defiant and Blackburn Roc get added, they might have some competition.

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The J and N were purpose built Heavy Night Fighters that used their endurance to and firepower to take on bombers who usually would have no idea they were targeted until too late. WT is a long way from real life however and such designs rarely get the chance to perform as intended instead being operated in daylight and against opposition who will see them coming and instead of quick fights they end up in long tail chases, and thats in the lucky cases they don’t get run up against true fighters.

Probably the best use for these types is ground pounding and strafing, only taking on bombers who don’t climb to the stratosphere.

There are a lot of vehicles like these, designed for one role and then lambasted because they can’t perform what’s asked of them in game. But don’t blame the snail entirety, people ask for useless stuff all the time.

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… or even be OP by comparison… :)

Been a while since I pulled out the 217s… Such good frames.

Always felt like it was a wingsuit when flying around the mountainsides.

I love to use the J-1 at 2.0 ground, While its belts are absolutly shit, it is however quite fun to use with tracerless belts. 200 rpg, mostly light and unarmored targets (especially Swedish tanks :3) and against other Air its also a flying castle, frontally and from behind.
Tho the J-2 and N-2 are both a bit over Br, they are similar to the J-1 and N-1, with exception that the J-2 has a new black and white camo as well as useless radar, while the N-2 looses its 13mm guns and gets dead weight Schräge Musik…

I gave my post the AirRB tag but apparently I was not clear enough that I was referring to this game mode.
In ABs it flies nicer and in Ground it might have other uses. In AirRB? Utterly pointless unless I am overlooking something

What is the use of a floatplane in ground realistic? Not every mode works well with every plane. (I said that before)

A good way to shut down an argument with a lazy regurgitated statement that has the same meaning as “If you don’t like the game, if you don’t like this whatever, don’t buy it, don’t play it, don’t purchase it”.

If you wanna respond someone give them a reason why it might not be performing not “don’t play it if you don’t like it”

You’re mostly overlooking how to use it. By going by tags and making assumptions rather than trying to understand how it should be utilized.

  1. There was no argument in the first place. There was a question, and an answer.

  2. War Thunder is a game. it is something you spend your free time doing. if you are not having fun, or do not think you are using that free time effectively, stop wasting it doing something that isnt fun. If playing X vehicle isnt fun, stop doing it, unless you feel a particular need to spade everything. This might not be revolutionary advice, but if people actually practiced it, it wouldnt need to be stated.

  3. The question was: “Is it me, or are the Do 217 J simply crap?”. The answer i gave: “Yes, they are useless”. Which is completely true, especially for Air RB. My further advice was not to bother playing it, because it is not worth the time. I dont really know which part of that upset you, but if you would like so give another opinon, you are more than welcome to.

  4. Following on from point 3, you are more than welcome to provide an opinon about the plane. But you have not, you have simply said “You’re mostly overlooking how to use it. By going by tags and making assumptions rather than trying to understand how it should be utilized.”, and then said what i said was lazy and meaningless.

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It does pretty well in the air assaults since… that is its thing.
It along with all the big bomber destroyers, will have their day, when night air realistic is a thing…

When I hear 14 page essay I hear/read, someone trying to justify what they said. What is done is done. Now I’m just gonna ignore what you got to say so this argument doesn’t go any further and let it go back on topic.

It is a 2.0 BR interceptor with an air spawn with 4 20mm cannons and two 13mm defensive machine guns. It can’t climb well, but I bet you can crash climb with it. Be a bit more patient, side climb or crash climb to reach bombers, or boom and zoom those pesky ground attackers.

I think you forgot to add anything of value to the topic. You have still yet to provide any answer to the original question, instead of just flaming people who have given answers for no reason.

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