The developers mess it up again

I will be brief in my question and I hope that a moderator will answer me. Why now does anything on the map stop your bullets? Like for example a car. I don’t know, call me crazy but I don’t think the sheet metal of a car is capable of stopping one. bullet that pierces 230mm, but when it comes down to it, the developers think so.
This game, update after update, seems more and more wonderful to me, and the direction the game is taking is to surprise us in each update, haha.

The hamster wizards at Gaijin HQ have developed a magical steel that allows for it to have over 200 times it’s effective thickness. However there are limitations. Only a few items can be fortified by this alloy and the cars, chain link fences and stone walls are some of the lucky ones. Russian and Chinese Tanks and Strike aircraft are also capable of receiving this uru like metal.


Seriously, there comes a point where I have despair and worry about the future of the game, a game that started with a very promising future, but has ended up being an attempt at WOT but with better graphics. A real shame.


I have a likely answer for this issue. Many of the maps are based in Russia - hence the street furniture, fences, cars and yes, even the outdoor toilets are made of Soviet materials. Being Soviet streets - they are littered with all sorts of crap to intervene in the flightpaths of any projectile unfortunate enough to pass near their seriously wonky hitboxes.

Now the devs believe that anything made in the Glorious Tomsk Tractor Factory must obviously be capable of withstanding anything shy of a nuclear blast - so even crappy old Ladas can stop bullets, shells, darts, maverick missiles, the lot.

War Thunder - the only place where Soviet Machinery actually works™.

Happy to help. NEEEEXT!


Stalinium ,all things in Russia are made from it.