The default armament configuration of the top jet should add radar missiles and chaff

As we all know, we are about to usher in a new era of active radar missiles, which is cool. But I guess our new top-of-the-line jet factory configuration seems a little too bad… We can only carry two infrared short-range missiles, oh my goodness… It’s maddening … This is simply not enough gaijin


The performance of the new active radar missile is very advanced, and our new aircraft can’t even carry chaff, which is too low-profile, I think our plane should be able to at least carry the bait + chaff in the fuselage, right? With the current configuration, we will be helpless in the face of advanced radar missiles!

At the same time, we lack the means to attack: there are no default radar-guided missiles, which makes it impossible for us to fight others.

I’m appealing: Equipping top jets with default stock radar missiles, such as Sparrow, R27R, S530D, will at least allow us players to get through this initial phase.
And like I mentioned above, give us the decoys and chaff that are in stock by default, according to the latest unpacked new series, the new missiles may have some resistance to multipath clutter, which will make it impossible for us to fight with the aircraft that have just been grinded, we simply will not survive! This must change :(


Gaijin only provides one solution: spend money


Gaijin’s planner: Destroy all players’ stock gaming experience so they will have to pay

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yeah I mean, at least gib us some primary chaff at tier VIII, just like how now top tier tanks get stock dart rounds, cuz just like HEATFS at top tier, only stock flare at tier VIII just won’t work.

They’re back to HEATFS type nonsense, make the game unplayable for dozens and dozens of games or give them money.

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Chaff stock is a good call. Totally destroyed an F-15 the other day in the SHar because he had flare only, he had 0 defence for my AMRAAM fired at fairly close range with a hard lock.

cool idea

good idea


This is already an obvious problem, many players have three generations of aircraft but no semi-active radar projectiles, all rely on infrared guided missiles to fight, especially now that active radar guided missiles are fully equipped, players will have a very difficult time to get a complete aircraft

Good idea

Yes, players need to grind for a long time to get radar missiles and better engine performance, which is ridiculous


Another problem is also very clear, BVVD is depriving players of radar control, many players have planes, but the control of the radar is not in their hands
If BVVD needs it, the radar can be turned into a mode that the player doesn’t want without the player operating

Chaff: yes
Radar missile: it’s doable without those.

Depends on the aircraft. A handful here or there would benefit from them. Like giving the F3 Skyflash DFs stock.