The De Havilland Hornet is an overrated aircraft

I hate the Hornet Mk3 (the other one would be the same if not worse) and i just can’t get why something with just raw power and speed and worse handling than a ju288 can sit at 6.0 like it was good or something. you can literally bleed everyone out of speed and still miss the moment they twitch a little off their trajectory because it handles like a submarine.

Last match I tried to stall out an f82 and i would miss the shots completely because the f82 is a much more ergonomic aircraft that has all the resources to dodge you indefinitely. I just find it stupid that people glorify all high climbrate planes like that was the only thing that mattered; what if the aircraft in question lacks any other redeeming qualities? Even the guns on the hornet are bad. All I keep getting is severe damage and enemies repairing. This plane is a waste of time, every time you need to engage an enemy you spend the entire match trying to get a hit after managing to put it belly up and defenceless.

its a refined taste, while ive had relatively little issue with hispanos, i know why theyre often called “hisparko” or “hitspano”, what belt do you use on them? ground belts are my go-to

otherwise, i adore it cause its incredibly fast, but yeah i agree its roll rate is terrible and can make B&Z runs hard to pull off.

however, the new fuel sliders coming next patch will buff the hornet, brigand and mosquito absurd amounts, as one of the reasons theyre so bad is cause of that 42min minimum fuel. try the plane out again after that and see how you like it because it would truly be unfortunate for you to hate a good aircraft based on these bad experiences

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…won’t reduce the amount of fuel and corresponding weight.

Read it again an you will see that min and max fuel will stay as they are. Just the current fixed steps between will be replaced with the slider.

I had similar hopes as my most used planes have ~1 hour min fuel…


It is good. At 20,000 feet, nobody is going to catch you. You can literally kill at your leisure. You have to be patient with it and get good angles, then zoom in for the kill. If you miss, just keep going, reclimb and try again.

They won’t be able to do a thing about it unless it’s you that screws up and makes a mistake.

These two statements literally don’t match and they’re right next to each other

I hated the Hornet, fast, amazing climb and decent engine thermodynamics that let you WEP most of the time but a total and complete brick that makes each and every kill an unbelievable amount of busy work unless the enemy plane just lets you kill him. I preferred the Tempests and even the Sea Fury because of the control authority, even the wing mounted guns are easier to get kills with because the nose will go where you want it to.

It can’t go lower though, the Hornets raw speed performance is just too good, if it could turn at all or had decent stall speed recovery it would be 7.0 or something.

Odd. Your actual performance says otherwise. From your player card in realistic battles:

Hornet Mk III: 3.5 to 1 kills to death ratio
Tempest Mk V: 3.34 to 1 kills to death ratio

So, you’re better in the Hornet than the Tempest as far as results are concerned. You may like the Tempest better, but you aren’t as good in it.

Because the Hornet is a flying middle finger to Ju288s and any other bomber.

the new fuel sliders won’t buff anything because the minimum and maximum threshold remain the same, so if the hornet has a minimum fuel amount of 40 minutes, fuel sliders will still give it a minimum amount of 40 minutes.

In fact the new minimum load of the hornet is 60 minutes.

no, i played the tempest 4 years ago, i play the hornet since this year. If I started playing the tempest with this skill set i would do much better.

oh the thermodynamics thing is over, it will overheat as soon as you kept wepping for 5 something minutes. The ki83 has better TD’s by setting pitch to 90 and rads to 25 percent. Too bad it’s an even boatier plane at high speeds and it is slow with pitiful energy retention

So, in other words, you just completely made up everything you said.


It is good. At 20,000 feet, nobody is going to catch you

Nobody flies at 20K feet except the p51h and that thing is as Bullshid as the yak3u except it is faster and has better guns.

You can literally kill at your leisure

You’re an MSC Virtuossa cruise ship with a rocket on it’s butt trying to kill planes that can change their trajectory in the blink of an aileron. There’s only 25 minutes in a whole match and a lot of american ground pounders one tapping pillboxes with their fiddy cals and anam3.

They won’t be able to do a thing about it unless it’s you that screws up and makes a mistake.

being such mistake not having a good mixture of energy state and trajectory? Well, having these two thangs correctly sounds like every “mid” plane’s assets of cards to have a good match.

TL DR: Nuh uh.

huh? i didn’t make up anything, what is your point? wouldn’t I have made it up if i played both at the same level of expertise? I was very bad when i played the tempest, now i’m just bad and do 3 to 1 on the hornet four years after playing like an idiot.

Yeah, you did. You sat there and compared two planes when you haven’t even flown one of them in the last 4 years by your own admission.

This isn’t even the same game that it was 4 years ago.

So everything you said was complete BS. On ignore you go.

Yeah, you did. You sat there and compared two planes when you haven’t even flown one of them in the last 4 years by your own admission.

Once again, what is your point? both planes behave the same as they did four years ago, the Hornet being worse than it was.

This isn’t even the same game that it was 4 years ago.

same 25 minute matchmaker, same dull air RB mode, same mixed nations, just better looking skies and worse looking landscapes.

So everything you said was complete BS.

why would it be BS if the planes haven’t been changed whatsoever?

besides, if your “refined taste” is basically being a master baiter i’m okay with it.

all of these 5 kills from the he162 (a highly responsive jet) were taken by someone literally being useful and aggressive, whereas I could have had another five kills if the hispanos didn’t spread like a cut off shotgun and the plane was actually responsive. The Tu2 literally out dogfights the hornet. It is not a good plane, period. It needs the perfect situations to actually thrive.

Agreed - i met frequently rather inexperienced pilots which tried to use them as Ju 288 bomber hunters - imho mainly as they expected easy kills vs small enemy teams consisting of 4 Ju 288s and just a few poor souls trying to spade an Italian or German 5.0 fighter.

As soon as they were unable to count enemy dots and heavy clouds prevented spotting of you or your contrail - they were rather easy kills even in my IT P-47 D-30. All you had to do is gaining altitude advantage and you had to be close enough - they could not dive out due to low rip speed compared to a P-47 with air brake and the 0.50 cals set them on fire from 1.4 km.

And even if they dove with Warp 2 on you - outrolling and airbrake helped a lot.

But if they climbed and maintained alt advantage - rather hopeless in a 5.0 plane…

Fully agree.

And i still prefer a Hornet 2 km above me than a Yak-3U below me.

I am not sure what the real purpose of this thread is.

Creating awareness regarding it’s weaknesses? Done.
Questioning the 6.0 BR? Done.

So even if this thread shows a common understanding of the weaknesses of the Hornet - imho a reduction of the BR is out of questions just due to climb and speed.

Even if way less experienced players use them - they always find even lesser experienced enemies trying to pitch up and stall in front of their guns.

Right now they need to commit basic mistakes vs most opponents and 5.0 fighters have serious issues with them, so lowering the BR looks rather impossible.

you can stall everyone out without an issue

problem is the hornet is just so boaty and has such an awkward gun placement that you will dive on a bomber and miss all your shots while it sets you into a flat spin the moment one of its 50 cals kills one of your engines.

Having too much of one thing and being completely lacking on the rest means nothing. I’ve bodied Hornets on my f7f and it’s not a good plane, i’ve even out fought them on the j7w1 and the j5n1. You don’t need to go up against a hornet, in fact you SHOULD NOT go up against a hornet, just keep flying straight and dodge it’s attacks and bait for a reversal if you still have room to go down. Either goes down or will never be able to touch you.

yyyyeah, only some thing: it’s literally impossible to aim.

It’s bad but it’s not that catastrophic it can’t hit a straight flying bomber.