The current naval battle mode is disappointing

The current naval battle mode is disappointing, really disappointing. In a naval battle game, I almost defeated five or six warships from a group of 80-90% members to only a dozen or so, which made my blood boil. However, due to the intense naval battles, these enemies were ultimately killed by my teammates. Looking at the score chart, I realized that I only had a few hundred points, and I was at the forefront, not as high as those teammates who parked their ships in the rear, drank tea, and easily attacked. Especially in the current mode, I can see the remaining member groups of each ship. Often, I worked hard to charge forward, destroying most of the enemy, but was killed by my teammates who parked the ship in the rear, which made me feel extremely frustrated. I have also asked others about this situation, and their answer to me is that they hardly play naval battles, especially in recent versions where there are no points for charging, attacking, and getting beaten, which has greatly frustrated those brave players who fought in the front. I know that these official changes are all aimed at preventing some players from maliciously hanging up to obtain free sea battle scores, but the current scoring mechanism has little to do with sea battle hanging up. I urgently call for the inclusion of points for charge, beating, and even regular attacks and assists in sea battles, otherwise sea battles will become extremely boring and there will be no sense of achievement in the game.


I really like the sea battle mode of War Thunder. I don’t want this mode to die, and I also hope that more people can experience the real shock of the huge warships in War Thunder. This game and model are far superior to all other games of the same type on the market.


Well realistuc games are pretty boring since naval warfare is hardly done right within constraints of 15minute battle. Only navy EC works exactly because it gives more time to reach objectives and more targets to deal with.

If you don’t want to spend much time on EC however I recommend AB. Standing in the back is heavily punished by torpedos so majority of people push forward intensifying the gameplay


Also you get far more players on every BR of AB than regular RB

Well, sitting behind rocks or something similar, while lobbing salvo after salvo towards the enemy is fotm in Naval. The bracket lock system and the autoaim markers / firing solution makers make Island hugging viable. Moving around just gets you killed quickly.

That might be true for RB where everything is slow but in AB as long as you are moving you can change your speed and direction thus avoiding salvos. If I see person sitting in place I know I will get easy food. I only need to make correction for my own speed, which is sth, well, I kinda know at all times lol and he is gonna get precise fire on his head while I can still manouver and dodge his attacks.

Sitting ships in AB dont survive long.

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