The computer guys keeps blabbering and repeating the same stuff while drowning important info

I just got torpedoed in the last 3 seconds of the game and lost Survivor award. The computer guy just keeps talking useless stuff the whole game, repeats about a cruiser being 10-12 km away behind a mountain and it got to a point that I tune him out. Meanwhile there was a torpedo incoming out of a sudden and I didn’t see it until the last moment and it was too late to turn. Don’t even know, if he said anything, it was so bad.
It just boggles my mind how messed up the torpedo spotting system is. I basically see incoming torpedoes from the same distance, if I was in a dinky 1.0 BR torpedo boat or a light cruiser that is like 10 stories high. It doesn’t make any sense at all. If there is a ship closer to it, it should also be able to spot it and transmit the information to other ships (similar to the tank spotting system). If there is a plane in the air, it should increase the spotting range of these torpedoes, instead of just flying by and ignoring it. The way it is setup now is just lame and counterintuitive.
Gaijin, please do something about this.

There is no spotting system at all in Naval. The crew really ought to report incoming torpedoes when they spot them. There’s even a skill for it, but it does nothing; whatever the skill level, the reporting distance is always said to be 10m which is useless.

As you say, tanks, which have a small crew, all of whom are very busy with their primary job, get to plot out the exact position of enemies they’re shooting at, transmit that to all friendlies who are then able to mark down the exact spot on their maps. All from the inside of a cramped tank busy engaging the enemy. Ships, which actually have crew and equipment dedicated to that exact job, don’t get any of those mechanics. They just get a spotting plane that doesn’t spot.

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