The comprehensive APFSDS penetration datasheet

60 degrees angle. Here’s a comprehensive list of tank APFSDS in-game with their in-game penetration of steel.
Ammunition with 2 or more penetrations have different lengths of guns firing them.
Any missing ammunition will be added upon being informed.

100 meters:



DM13- 450mm
DM23- 472mm &
DM33- 552mm & 572mm
DM43- 618mm
DM53- 716mm & 752mm
Type 10- 708mm

M829- 564mm
M829A1- 690mm
M829A2- 724mm
KE-W- 670mm

M322, CL3143, m/95- 678mm
M338- 702mm

L23- 384mm
L23A1- 456mm
L26- 568mm
L27A1- 650mm

OFL 120 G1- 454mm & 490mm
OFL 120 F1- 662mm

DYW1- 510mm
120-I- 318mm
120-II- 266mm

3BM9- 360mm
3BM15- 330mm
3BM22- 382mm
3BM42- 524mm
3BM46- 614mm
3BM60- 666mm
TAPNA- 586mm

125-I- 536mm & 550mm
DTC10-125- 664mm & 678mm

m/80- 388mm
m/90c- 494mm
M111, DM23 105- 388mm
M413, DM33 105- 468mm
M426, DM63 105- 494mm
Type 93- 466mm

M735- 336mm
M774- 428mm
M833- 454mm
M900- 600mm

OFL 105 F3- 372mm
OFL 105 F1- 414mm
OFL 105 G1- 398mm

Type 83- 388mm & 404mm
DTW2-105- 564mm

3BM3- 266mm
3BM4- 318mm
3BM21- 320mm
3BM28- 444mm

3BM25- 254mm
Type 71 APDS-FS- 242mm
DYW PT86-100- 436mm
M1000A1- 396mm

XM885- 310mm
T320- 328mm
XM578E1- 326mm
76/62 APFSDS- 356mm
M464- 320mm
DJW85- 260mm
M300- 284mm
OFL 90 F1- 308mm

3UBM22- 256mm
m/01- 194mm
m/90- 164mm

MK258- 132mm
PMB 090 - 104mm
PMC287- 138mm
30mm APDS-FS - 114mm
M919- 116mm

2000 meters:


DM13- 416mm
DM23- 434mm & 444mm.
DM33- 508mm & 528mm
DM43- 586mm
DM53- 662mm & 698mm
Type 10- 660mm

M829- 524mm
M829A1- 648mm
M829A2- 682mm
KE-W- 610mm

M322, CL3143, m/95- 626mm & 640mm.
M338- 648mm

L23- 356mm
L23A1- 412mm
L26- 542mm
L27A1- 622mm

OFL 120 G1- 428mm & 458mm
OFL 120 F1- 620mm

DYW1- 480mm
120-I- 230mm
120-II- 208mm

3BM9- 282mm
3BM15- 308mm
3BM22- 346mm
3BM42- 470mm
3BM46- 586mm
3BM60- 616mm
TAPNA- 546mm

125-I- 502mm & 514mm
DTC10-125- 616mm & 632mm

m/80- 354mm
M111, DM23 105- 354mm
M413, DM33 105- 428mm
M426, DM63 105- 452mm
Type 93- 428mm

M735- 296mm
C76A1- 364mm
M774- 386mm
M833- 426mm
M900- 562mm

OFL 105 F3- 350mm
OFL 105 F1- 372mm
OFL 105 G1- 354mm

Type 83- 354mm & 372mm
DTW2-105- 512mm

3BM3- 208mm
3BM4- 230mm
3BM21- 284mm
3BM28- 406mm

3BM25- 200mm.
Type 71 APDS-FS- 142mm
DYW PT86-100- 402mm
M1000A1- 364mm

XM885- 270mm
T320- 254mm
XM578E1- 258mm
76/62 APFSDS- 314mm
M464- 256mm
DJW85- 220mm
M300- 246mm
OFL 90 F1- 232mm

3UBM22- 186mm
m/01- 160mm
m/90- 134mm

MK258- 108mm
PMB 090 - 68mm
PMC287- 96mm
30mm APDS-FS - 86mm
M919- 86mm


How did you measure this?

Stat cards using the formula armor / cos60. Or at 60 degrees, you multiply by 2.