The company that stole game accounts

I found a company that stole accounts and a vulnerability. I saw several online stores on a network platform, claiming to be from the same company. They specifically used the same IP address for three months to apply for customer service to change the email address of the stolen account. They linked the stolen account without email access to a new email through customer service, and then sold it, Playing games with the same IP address for three months and being able to change passwords through customer service is a loophole, which allows criminals to bind stolen emails that cannot be used with their registered email to other email addresses, and then completely steal them,

The criminal used the same IP address to play games with the stolen account for 3 months, and then applied to customer service to change the email associated with the game to another email. The original email cannot be used, so the account was stolen,

The picture is a conversation record between me and them. They are a theft company, using your customer service to link the email of the original account owner to someone else’s email. They may have stolen thousands of accounts and sold them,