The Churchill AVRE is ass

I am either too long or too short with my shot, there are too many scary big guns, aiming is too hard, reload and mobility and rangefinder too slow.

Useless meme vehicle.

Put it down on 1.7 or 2.0


Its a British Meme tank from an event. It was never actually going to be usable


I know, I just hate how hard it is to get a kill. I need that endorphine shot, that neural activation.

Beside ( I might be wrong ) but it was not intended irl to fight tanks

A meme vehicle can’t murder an entire lobby? Who would’ve guessed

If you want to do fun stuff with AVRE go for Centurion Mk.5, get custom sight as default one is bad and dunk people from behind hills.

Churchill is a situational but fun tank, you basically play CoD with a shotgun but you’re a juggernaut, they can’t do much to you unless they swarm you

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I have two sides:


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It’s pretty good as long as you’re playing against people who are brand new to the game and don’t know what they’re doing.

I’m considering taking an M8 LAC to 2.7 and using the highly elevated to just murder petards while turret down.

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Unless there is a Chi-Ha Long gun, Marder, Stug, Sturmpanzer or any other big gun…

I got one tapped by a damn BT-7 at point blank ffs.

It is not bad, its so heavily armoured nothing can kill you until they are in your own range…

also why are you using a meme vehicle in a serious way?

Actually it is incredibly easy to kill it with literally anything.

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not really, the armour is very very good for 2.7

Aim for the mortar in the barrel. Instant one shot

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a fair weakness to a very hard nut to crack

But when I shot exactly there with the autocannon Puma, nothing happened. And He was loaded.

Yes really.

What do you mean “fair weakness for a hard nut to crack”?
Anything with a can ammo rack you and can also destroy your mortar if you don’t have any ammo currently in it.

Amazing armour doesn’t mean much when you have a large switch off button you need to point at people. The only people it’s good at killing are new players who don’t know any better and at that point you’d do a better job in any other tank.

The tog on the other hand is a work of art, until someone shoot you in the turret. At least this meme tank is fairly fun at 2.7 though i love chasing after tanks that are just a few meters too far and trapping them in a dead end, that is if they dont know where they are going.