The Chieftain MK10 Should be a MK11

So fun fact, the Chieftain MK10 in game, Is a Mk11. 11 FD 65, Which is the Registration number of the MK10 in game, is IRL a Mk11 with TOGs. and this isn’t a user skin, or a camo or anything, this is the basic camo that come’s on the tank.

It Simply is one of the many examples of Chieftain Mk11s that kept the old style IR Spotlight Box, and just had the TOGs system put inside it, instead of being upgraded to the smaller TOGs box that some other Mk11s received.


And it shouldn’t even be POSSIBLE for this vehicle to be a Mk10, as the Upgrade path for this exact tank is known.

It started life as a Standard Mk3, Then was upgraded to be a Mk3/3 with the Laser range finder, Then later on was upgraded to be a Mk8, Which was a Mk3/3 made to be equal to the Mk5 production variants. With the 750Hp engine, and other Improvements, and it entirely SKIPPED the Mk10 Package, being directly upgraded to the Mk11 package, As all Mk8s were.


ID Plates inside of 11FD65 says it was converted to Mk.10 in 1987. No mention of Mk.11

I’d say the website you’re screenshotting simply misidentifying it as a Mk.11 because of Stillbrew etc. or it’s another tank painted as 11FD65 in the manner that RCAC Museum have repainted the actual 11FD65 as 00FC15

None the less, the game really should have a TOGS-equipped Chieftain


I’m pretty sure 11 FD 65 is a Mk.10. Here’s a picture of it with a view of the left side.

Now here is a picture of a Challenger 1, which we know to be equipped with TOGS, I’ve circled it in this one.

Here is The Tank Museum’s Chieftain on display, note the similarities with the Challenger 1’s optic.

Now compare it with the one in-game, see how the optic is more rounded instead of a more boxy shape? Compare this with the first picture I showed of 11 FD 65.

shot 2023.10.09 16.13.24

That being said, it would be nice if we could get a Chieftain Mk.11. Ideally, a Mk.11 with L23A1 foldered with the Mk.10.

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Not all Chieftains equipped with Thermals were fitted with the smaller replacement Box, Alot of them simply had the TOGs put in place of the IR Spotlight in the same box.

Especially the ones upgraded through the Totem Pole program, Which fitted all Mk5s, and Mk10s with Thermals no matter what box they had on the side of the turret.

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I haven’t heard about that, but I’ll take your word for it. Regardless, we really could use a Mk.11, it would be a good send off to the Chieftain before going to the Challengers.

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I do think the Chieftain Mk. 10 is doing far better now after its competition got a BR increase. Though I can definitely see value in giving it thermals.

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