The Caernarvon should be 7.0 - A Rant

The Caernarvon heavy tank should never have been artificially uptiered to 7.7. It completely fails the triad of Firepower / Protection / Mobility.

It is not a fast tank, basically on-par with normal 21-22mph Centurions. Its not sluggish, but it’s nowhere near close enough to justify facing ever-faster vehicles at the higher BRs.

Its gun has immense flat-armour pen but it has no real zoom on its optics and thus cannot fight at range and because it is 7.7 it almost purely faces angled armour that it has little to no impact against (there are many 7.7 Medium tanks that are, for all intents and purposes, immune to anything but the most pristine critical shots from the Caernarvon because of angled front armour and rounded turrets, as it can barely take on 100mm at 60 degrees). To top this off, British APDS is immensely prone to being absorbed by the first thing it hits, meaning that it typically cannot disable enemy tanks ability to shoot back, and rarely KOs them unless it precisely hits the ammo (and nothing else before it). You are fully dependent on side-shots and even then there is some luck to not have it do nothing.

Its armour is effectively non-existent. Face-to-face with a Tiger II (supposedly a same-role tank that is 1.0BR weaker than it), the Tiger II almost cannot fail to one-shot the Caernarvon no matter where it hits; it is fundamentally difficult to not KO the Caernarvon save for some awkwardness on the turret, but if the hull is even 1% exposed then you can go straight through the Caernarvon’s entire crew almost regardless of what tank you play. Contrast this to facing the Tiger II, the Caernarvon has to precisely aim for the turret cheeks whilst the Tiger II just has to roughly connect a shot, at which point the Caernarvon must still hope its weak APDS isn’t absorbed and reaches the ammo. The Tiger II is almost immune to being one-shot KO’d by its supposed full-uptier rival, but the Caernarvon has nothing to defend against it, no matter the distance, perhaps even worse with distance as the requirement for pinpoint accuracy on British guns is let down by Gaijin’s magical “cold war started and now nobody has gun sights that see anything” optics.

Against full uptiers at 8.7, the Caernarvon has nothing. If it isn’t a lightly armoured IFV or light tank, it won’t do much, and even then it frequently can’t disable them and so they just lob a missile back and that’s you done-for.

In summary, the firepower is extremely situational and has been nullified by its raised BR, its armour is so weak it’s almost a joke to call it a medium tank never mind a heavy tank, and its speed cannot balance out those deficits. It is fundamentally a big wide target that can’t take a beating and is no longer allowed to dish one back out. Its only redeeming feature is the stabilizer.

To that end I think it should be at 7.0, where every 6.0 and 6.3 in the game will still be one-shot KO’ing it with that terrible armour, but at least it might fight back.

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the Caernarvon actually accelerates faster than the regular centurions as it has a better power to weight ratio, if you’re playing it as a heavy breakthrough like how conqueror is played, you’re playing it wrong, its a medium with a obese hull. the gun punches hard and will go through almost everything (excl Somua SM premium) without much thought. take less ammo and you will still do very well

this is the second centurion skill issue post I’ve replied to in a row what is going on with people

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Everything, and I mean everything, magically absorbs the APDS. Even marders and BMP-1s will just absorb it on the first crew hit, and then return fire. Almost any soviet tank will bounce it, half the french lineup around there is immune to it, it can’t hurt T-10s, it can strictly only hurt the maus on a perfect flat angle, and everything mentioned has the ability to just go right through the Caernarvon. It’s been made useless by the uptiering.

dude you are wrong, theres weakspots and don’t use caernarvon like a heavy, its a fat medium, use it like the FV4202 but you have a reverse gear and a lot more size. its not useless, its just not a brawler

here’s where to shoot:

every soviet medium ever


AMX 50 is easy

Somua SM is really powerful but the lower glacis, below the gun and anywhere on the turret (that hasn’t got the neck armour) is not a concern


maus just shoot the cheeks and if you’re close the lower plate is also susceptible

marder just hit center and you rip them apart and cant really do much to you before you reload

BMP hit center right


It’s entirely co-dependent upon clean flat pen, which I said wasn’t an issue. The problem is
1: Its angled pen suffers rapidly.
2: the APDS is exceptionally prone to instantly being absorbed by the first thing it hits when you use the actual live-server armour penetration rather than their usually-suspect in-hangar armour preview. Of course it doesn’t spall nor explode inside the tank, but can’t even cleanly go through much of anything. Try going for a maus with even a 15 degree angle, not even an intentionally awkward one, just enough to account for variety of positioning and movement, suddenly he’s immune to you save for a perfect hit.

Soviet and French tanks are also dependent upon perfect hits, but will kill you with almost any generic shot to your front unless they painfully glance the sides of the turret.

Or…just rebuff APDS postpen damage and revoke the shell shattering mechanic.

All shells shattered from time to time, putting that just on APDS is criminal.