The Breaking Issue with CV 9040 Proxy and APSFDS round

So i’m getting real frustrated that none of my bug posts have been answered or checked at when it comes to the issue with the proximity fuze round (kulsgr m/90) belonging to the CV90 lineup. It is so bad in the game and not representative even close to its real performance so it is starting to become completely unplayable. It should be better than the old rounds used in vehicles like VEAK and likewise vehicles but its so difficult shooting down missiles and aircrafts both coming at you in a direct line of sight way within its performance range. The “drop of” is way to big and it’s hit box or what its called is so small and broken so we can barely do anything with it. Those few times it actually work its really lucky but not even at that point is it any good. Its like it does so little damage that you need to empty the entire magazine. Until we can get the “new” round that the Swedes are actually using (kulsprg 95 - LK/95) this need to be fixed and handled.
It is breaking the gameplay hard for the vehicle and the same goes for the APFSDS round (slpprj m/01) which are supposed to be in all the 9040 models currently ingame. How do i reach out to the developers when the bug posts are not looked at, its two mayor breaking features for those who play the 10.0 lineup with the Swedish CVs.

I believe most people including myself understands that its a game and mechanics and weaponry need to be adjusted to work in a good manor but these two breaking game features are so obvious now and affecting the gameplay to such an extent that they really need to be looked at. Its an easy fix also, the kulsprg 90 worked really well and balanced a few years back but for some reason they killed it.

be happy your proxy round works in the first place, germany over here has to play with completly non working AHEAD round, whose timed rounds cant even actualy hit hovering opponents

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I’ve read your reports and agree with the issue. Also, the Lvkv 9040’s radar isn’t great at tracking helicopters, which is a problem for a system meant to intercept missiles. Currently, it doesn’t work as intended in the game.

Did you include sources in your posts? Using YouTube videos, even from the official Sweden defense forces channel, wasn’t enough for their requirements. They need documented proof that “that thing” works in a certain way. For instance, a document, book, or picture is acceptable, but they don’t accept sources like YouTube, Wikipedia, or editable sites. I tried linking a YouTube video demonstrating the Lvkv 90C’s radar and how it works with its ballistics system. It got denied because I didn’t list any documents or pictures. Additionally, the proxy-round with 1,200 tungsten balls should be effective against light vehicles.

Another issue with the Strf 9040 series is the slow restocking of the three 40mm magazines.

For Part 1, the magazine under the cannon is divided into three sections, each holding eight rounds. It’s designed for different projectiles like Apfsds, proxy, and explosive rounds, giving the cannon versatility. To load, the magazine shifts sideways to align the correct section with the feeding port, and rounds are manually inserted through a port at the top.

Part 2 is a rotating carousel magazine below the cannon, containing 48 rounds. It’s always ready for the turret crew and allows quick reloading as long as the cannon isn’t too elevated or depressed (approximately -8° to +20°).

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I wish they put more effort into all these proxy ammunitions! Other likewise proxys should ofcourse not be forgotten.

The issue is that there are almost no documentation available for public use of the rounds description, there are multiple videos and interviews and some documents stating basic information about them but not more than that. Official videos should be more than adequate to implement changes i feel. There area good ones on youtube with videos showcasing it and even pausing the video to make visual effects surrounding it with comments but…its just weird of them not to use such official informative videos. I believe something else are hindering them or they just dont care about it which is ashame.

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Hey who knows im probably going to get to work in one of these machines, i can definetly get unclassified stuff on them then. I have one year until i get my letter to go off to training (currently 17)

Edit: god knows i wont share classified stuff on a darn forum