The Brazilian community deserves the addition of Osório or Tamoyo

Hello everyone!
We Brazilians have a large and participatory community here at War Thunder, much larger than the Argentine community.
However, they already have the TAM, and we have nothing.
That doesn’t seem fair to me.
When TAM was created by Argentina, the Brazilian national industry dedicated itself to creating Tamoyo.

Which was basically an evolution of the M41 Walker Bulldog


Basically a light tank, armed with a 90mm French cannon.
But obviously we also have two very interesting variants of Osório.
The 105mm Osório

And the 120mm Osório

Any of these tanks could be premium or event, or even from a parallel tree in the American or French line.

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We need Latin-American TT. Osorio will be good for the 6 rank MBT.


Many nations with interesting are still not represented in game but one day probably will be to a certain extent.
Brazil, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, North- and South- Korea, Ukraine, Yugoslavia.

Let’s hope all these nations make it to the game one way or another!


If there’s no Latin-American tech-tree Osório could go into the British tree, considering it has the Vickers MBT turret.

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