The Bravy

This godamn shi(t)p is by far the worst ship at its job, its main focus and the point of this post is about the missiles which are so wonky that they cant actually take down aircraft or be useful against even coastal ships. Whenever i launch this crap the missiles decide to wiggle as hard as they can and go from side to side??? What is the actual purpose of this ship when Gaijin hasnt even fixed the missiles, or at least made the missile system automatic like an AA gun.

I actually heard the missile is supposed to fly like that but can’t back it up so i could be wrong.

Right now it just doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. If you still want to use it, hide behind something with only the launcher visible, and fire at destroyers and cruisers. You can fairly reliably hit vulnerable areas and have a decent chance of ammo racking them if you know where to aim. For anything else, it’s pretty much inferior to anything else at its BR until they fix the missiles.

In Naval AB the missiles can 1-shot Moffet or any of the other US “super-destroyers” with a magazine hit, but are easily dodged by aircraft - so they are good anti-ship weapons and rubbish anti-aircraft!

I noticed recently they have a tendency to go off early too.

Now I know why my wife is angry all the time. badum tss


In my opinion, I thought Bravy is a very knowledgeable ship to play with, but not the worst. Well, the BR is a bit high, so I think 5.0 is about right.

Basically, this ship can destroy the most visible US DDs on the battlefield in one shot, which makes for the most interesting experience. All you need is the knowledge of where the ammunition magazines are located.

And as for the worst behavior of the missiles, firing them at an angle will alleviate a lot of that.

I fire them at an angle and theyre still buggy, honestly needs to be looked at closer by the dev team