The BR of the tiger 2

hello, my username is kilo476689 and I would like to propose a change to the tiger 2 BR to a 6.3 in both arcade and realistic, because it not right that I can be playing with cold war tanks I cannot pen but can certainly pen me. so once again I propose a moving of the BR rating of the tiger 2 to a more realistic BR of 6.3

so you want it to fight stuff that cant pen it. While it can point and click pretty much anything in a down tier.

The cold war tanks have been moved up in br aswell to give 6.7 more breathing room and you still want it to go down. Its fine where it is it shouldnt be the same br as a 76mm jumbo

so you are prob a vet to the game
i respect that
but if i came at you with a f****g a 10 and you were in a tiger 2 good luck

Which cold war tanks are you facing that you cannot pen?
Your performance at the Br of 6.7 right now is very good, the Tiger 2 is one of the best 6.7 vehicles in the game.
In a 7.0 upteir, the tiger 2 still performs very well against the vehicles a little bit above it, it can still pen everything it sees and there are plenty of vehicles that still have to aim for the turret cheeks to kill it
In a 7.3 uptier it can start to see things that outclass it such as the IS-6, but you can still kill these vehicles by shooting weakspots, and they still cannot pen your ufp, the T32 for example, cannot pen your ufp, but you do have to aim for the hull mg port weakspot to kill it, not that you see them very often. Then, at 7.7 you start to see vehicles that can either pen your ufp, or you will struggle to pen, though i cannot think of a vehicle that you cannot pen, adnd can pen your ufp, because most of the vehicles you cannot pen are heavies like the IS-4M and the T32E1. you are far from useless in a full upteir like this especially given that only 25% of te enemy team can be in these 7.7 vehicles. In a downteir, the tiger 2 is extremely powerful, there are no 6.3’s i can think of that can pen your ufp, and only some can pen your turret cheeks, and then at 5.7 and 6.0 you will stomp anything in your path. to move this vehicle down to 6.3 is first not needed, as the tiger 2 still performs extremely well at its current br, and is still a very viable vehicle in 7.0 and 7.3 matches, and it also shouldnt be moved down because if it were, it would then face 5.3 tanks that would not at all be able to deal with the tiger 2. If you use your logic to balance vehicles, right now, the sherman M4A3 76 is 5.7, in a fight with the tiger 2, it is completely outclassed, it cannot frontally pen the tiger anywhere and the tiger can pen it anywhere, but should it go down because it suffers in an upteir? No it shouldnt, it is a fairly balanced vehicle at 5.7. You need to get rid of this idea that “cold war” vehicles should not see ww2 ones. the PBV 301 in the swedish TT was in serivice in 1961-71, and yet it is br 2.3 and should definitely not be facing other “cold war” vehicles. what matters in balance is the statistics and performance of the vehicle, not the year it was introduced.

If anything the Tiger IIs are undertiered. they are the 6.7 equvalent of easymode. compare them to any of the US 6.7 heavies and the tigers are better in literally every way. faster, better armoured, better pen, faster reload. It’s pretty clear to anyone that has any experience at 6.7 that you’re probably talking about having trouble being able to pen the soviet heavies, the thing is that the Tiger IIs have an easier time than the vast majority of tanks. there are two reasons for this, the first is that gaijin’s byzantine balancing and BR system is stupid and the second is you lack experience and probably skill.