The BO 105 CB-2 temporarily Returns on the Anniversary of its First Flight!

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A multi-purpose helicopter, the Bo 105 was developed by Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm and first flew on February 16th 1967. This helicopter’s design and materials are impressive, as it features a hard titanium rotor head and fiberglass-reinforced blades!

The BO 105 CB-2 is temporarily available for Golden Eagles!

You can get this helicopter for 8,560 Golden Eagles!

When: From February 16th (11:00 GMT) until February 19th (07:00).

Where: Germany > Helicopter > Premium vehicles.

About this helicopter

  • The BO 105 CB-2 is a demonstration version of the Bo 105 that was built in 1978 and features BGM-71C TOW anti-tank missiles. This helicopter is capable of carrying 8 of them at once, which is an effective amount to use against enemy ground vehicles. This, its small fuselage size and good maneuverability allow it to effectively use cover and engage in different scenarios in battle!

2 expensive 4 me, sorry.
Make it 50% off.


The bo105 isn’t worth it especially compared to the mi24p. There are 2 tech tree bo105s which are way better at the same br.

Would be only worth it if it was 9.0 but not at 9.3

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Why buy it, if the German helicopter research tree is dead?




Why is it rank 5 while other BO’s are at rank 6?

True, and all fire and forget missles ( Pars3, QN502CDD, Spike) are not working correctly

So there is no need to get the Tiger’s

If it won’t research all tiers, I’m not buying it at that price! Especially since its rank V and will only research to rank VI…and whats at rank VI? Two of the same type that are also 9.3 but 1 br higher and a hind thats 9.7! It should be HALF that cost for what it is and where it is!

It’s a rank V and former pack premium that’s why the cost is so high.

Its very hard to use guys. The TOW range is rather low and this BR bracket is sporting powerful AA systems. 2S38 and the likes have no mercy while you have just 3.8km range on ya ATGMs. It was a good chopper as it was new, without proxy HE spam and without SAMs. Now even IFV have a long range target lock with lead marker. Often even BMP 2M’s spray you out of the sky with autocannons at 3.5 km.

This chopper at its current BR aged very badly :(

Still not worth

Just put it at 9.0 and half the price and everyone is gonna buy it. 8k GE is way too much

Bought it when it came out years ago, probably the single worst thing I ever spent money on in any game ever.